Why Iran (for M.A.)



(for Manoucher Avaznia)



Many people, here with good reason, have wondered why I as an American am so passionate about Iran. This is a simple question with a complex answer and one which I’ve for a long time wanted to write about, particularly over the past weeks because the answer is highly relevant to the current situation there. However there are far more important things to do so I haven’t been able to do that.

One of these days.

Yesterday Manoucher told me that I should be focusing my energies on Iraq and Afghanistan, on Bush’s wars, and that I should be taking care of my own house. This is something that others have told me from time to time, or other reasons and opinions as to why I should curtail my ‘foreign meddling’ here.

Well anyway I told Manoucher the answer was complex and although I was willing to discuss it, we somehow never got around to it  But the question lingered on in my mind. Until bang, just a few minutes ago a short simple answer came to me.

So here it is…

for anyone who’s ever wondered about me, why Iran?


Iran is my song


and well…





Anyway, folks, that’s the short answer. The long one will have to wait. 




PS I don’t want thanks or kudos. I get plenty enough to keep me going. Let’s just call it…a song, shall we?.


Please contact your friends and relatives in Iran as soon as possible and make completely sure that if they are attending the anticipated demonstrations around the Friday prayers, that they fully understand and intend to follow as closely as possible Mousavi’s instructions for how to represent the movement effectively and avoid violent confrontation, which are on his Facebook page and at niacblog.wordpress.com. We already have enough martyrs. More won’t help.



Iran shall sing her own special song. Iran is beginning to sing it now.

It’s a very special song. And the world is ready to listen.

Fardaa roshan ast.


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