I hope the world is not indifferent or cruel to us.

Why the world should let that ;in Iran it is a war between people without weapon and with the people with weapons? If for example a dictator decided to kill most of the people whom he does not like him, shoud the world be quite. And should say that is not my problem. The world was indifferent with the radical Islamic group, and you see they attacked USA. Suppose the terrorists get atom bomb, do you think they will keep these bombs in their house for decoration?

These terrorists, some of them think they should guide the whole world. The people in the top of pyramid want the whole world. They do not tolerate even the moderate Moslems or even traditional Moslems. They want to be like God on the earth and in his name ;they will the people obey them totaly. They do not want democracy or to live in peace with other religions and cultures, they are radicalism, they want only their own opinion be on the top and the other people obey them and other people have no rights at all ; they do not respect other thinking. You had a lot of example of them. Hitler, he was from a middle class family, even he was poor man as he could not even pass the exam for entry of a college.

He should be satisfied in the time that he was the leader of Germany, but you have seen he wanted more and more; he wanted the whole world. This type of dictator are dangerous, the people in the West or East or Far East cannot say this is not my problem. No, it is the problems of the whole world. A dictator is not satisfied just to troche his own people, he want the whole world to obey him, because if he shows this point ;that he is religious ; he thinks the God will ; it is in his hand or he is the represantative of Him, the God.

Just like the radical Christians who cannot accept and believe the other religions ; they cannot think that the orhter religions are the same as their religion; no they think that only they have right, like the radical people in other religions , and you know if they have power they will do the same thing that the radical people did in the Middle Age time in Europe. They killed other people and burned them. Like Jan Dark in France. The young girls are burned, because the religious people wanted that. They were Christians and not Moslems.

It is the same thing now, the radical people will kill all other people who do not accept their believe or if they do not obey them completely. Do you think when a girl has a boy friend or had a little bit make up will be torched and if they know she is not virgin; she will be killed or stoned; they will let that your girls have boy friends be free and she lose her virginity before her marriage? They will stoned both of them.

Now the world is like a small village and they can easily go any where they want; as they have billions of dollars in your banks, so they are also respected because they have money which they sold their oil, and with these possibilities they will be your boss also soon. Or they will start to kill your people as they did in September eleven. They are greedy people and want the whole world. They want that all people obey them. They start in their country first and then they will spread their government for the whole world.

I know the super power only interfere when they have a benefit in a country; as long as they think they have no benefit they will be quite. But this time soon or late you and your people will be in dangerous situation also. Do not ignore the crualtiy in other countries, it will come to your country as well soon or late, but it will come.

These people have money, they take money from their country and use it for terrorist activities and you know that they will first make their own people slaves than they will attack other countries. If in your neighborhood ;a father starts to kill his own children and you let him do it and you do not act against his crime, later he will kill your children and the children of other people also. The people in the world are divided in two groups or may be in three groups, the first one are cruel people , greedy people, selfish people, who want to have everything and use other people as their slaves. The second group are indifferent people who allowed unjust happen and they think that is not their problem. The cruel people like this group, because they let them do what ever they want. The third group is the nice humanitarian loving people, who try to help other people who are the victim of cruel people. If you let the mad father kill all his children he will come after your children also. If he be stopped, your children will be in a safe position. Do not let that dictator get so big and so powerful that the whole world cannot defeat him, before he get powerful, before he gets all modern weapons , put him in jail.

I remember in the beginning of the revolution of Iran. A teacher said to me, we are going to change one mild dictatorship to a bad furious dictatorship. These people when they get power and money they will forget their friends and will have everything for themselves. These poor people when they get money and power ;they will keep them for themselves. They will not give the majority the freedom and their rights. They will slave the people in a way worst than now,he said.

We have natural sources and we have oil and gas. The business people want these to sell and make money and it is clear that these people will not give the money to the people and they will keep it for themselves;they will not give these money to other people and to the nation. They are the same people as the people who are in the power now or may be they will be worse. You just are changing one modern dictator to a poor and traditional greedy new dictator. I said to him, no these people believe in God and they are real Moslem. They will work for Love and Unity and will help the youth be educated and so we will not have a need for foreign experts any more. They will use the money for the education of the Iranian people and will create jobs and good life for all Iranian. He said you will see. As long as they get the power and the money they will kill whoever is not obey them and they will use the oil money and Iranian money into their own accounts in the foreign banks and they will forget about the Iran and Iranian. And the world is not interested in your issue and in your life and they misuse this situation. They ;the big powers want their share and as long as they get their share and their benefit, the world or the business people are quite. They want the ignorant selfish people on the power so they can rob their country much easier.

But they were in jail and they are human being I said, how can they be bad in the time that they are rich and powerful? He said you will see. They will just think about themselves and they misuse the religion just to get more money. You read the history. Bani Abbass replaced the Bani Omayeh. The Bani Omayeh was very cruel and they rub and kill people and they even killed the grand son of Mohammad, Imam Hossein. They live in a luxury; they loved beautiful women, wine and good food and money. They were in their own cages and forget the Islam and people. Bani Abbass came and promised the people will get the right and just. May be the first Khalief of them was just and nice, but after him; it was the same circus. They were also cruel again and they start to kill innocent people who wanted their rights. Power and money will destroy the people and will change them to be cruel. After a while they think ;they are better than other people and they have the right to be the head and other; people should obey them without asking any questions. They want the other people be their slaves. Even if they themselves were slave before. They forget the past and will replace the real dictator’s place and they forget they were slave before. The world population and the most governments of the world will save the people and themselves only if they do  care about us. They will interfere when they have benefit, if they see they have no benefit, they ignore us.

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