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Iran’s opposition “Green Movement” showed no sign of quieting down as thousands of Iranians took to the streets Thursday, gathering at Tehran’s main cemetery for the 40-day commemoration of those killed in the most violent clashes with the regime after disputed national elections.

Neda Agha Sultan, the 27-year-old music student, whose image bleeding on camera from a gunshot wound turned her into a symbol of defiance world-wide, was among those mourned.

Security forces swarmed the Behesht-e Zahra cemetery in southeast Tehran and packed around main squares trying, at times violently, to disperse the crowds. Riot police and plainclothes militia Basij threw tear-gas at protesters but failed to crush the demonstration, one of the largest in weeks, failed. Witnesses said protests in Tehran dragged well into the night. Some said tens of thousands demonstrated, though some news accounts estimated the figure at thousands. 

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