House wanted

We are
A family of five… (million)
Scattered by our former home’s explosion
Looking for a large fixer upper house to rent
Or rent-to-own,
in South-Western Asia, preferably
Resting high on a plateau, close to green cities,
vast deserts, historic sites.

The house needs to offer
A safe entrance hall, unrestricted airy
Living-room, bedrooms with pledged privacy,
Bright kitchen with functioning sink unit,
logical work surfaces, and a study
with a library that would hold
any book

Ideally is
Woman-friendly with
Access to cable democracy,
Wireless freedom, digital social justice,
And high-speed human rights.

If needed

Will set up
In all its rooms
Large bright windows
Of equal rights for women
As for every other social group,
Tear down the forced curtains-hijab
And dark-coloured walls of Sharia Law
That smother the spirit of the household.

Will fix the blockage of its ancient plumbing
Mend its neglected balcony of tomorrow
Weed its unattended garden of discernment
And paint our collective dark-side
on canvases that would decorate
Its corridors’ white walls to
warn us of ourselves.

We will
pay up to $3000 a month,
if clean air-condition
is included.

© Azadeh Azad, 2009

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