The Road To Sanity – Through Meditation, And Yes, Contemplation

In the midst of discovery, the very flavor of inquiry
Beset by many questions, regardless of the outcome

The beauty of clarity, all clothed with sanity
Within my bosom, comes forth, the fragrance of bliss

Come my sweet, the very foundation of our mind
Not here and there, no my darling, but within the body of our soul

Much time, although necessary, yet at times futile
The very result of our dedication, at times unclear, and sometimes dangerous

As I embrace you, knowing full well, the dilemma
No confusion here, touch my bliss, drink from the elixir

As I ponder, and yet your womanhood, all but obvious
The very passion of your soul, coming through, with the sweetness of the breeze

As I reminisce, knowing full well, the pleasure of our memories
Compared to the bliss ahead, not even close, listen to what I’m saying

As I gather the wood, in anticipation, of a union
Awkward, it is not, totally blissful, yes it is

Your genius is your passion, ignore it not
It can be a beast, tame it, or, it would devour you

My love, your love, it touches any and all
Listen to it, feel it, touch it, endlessly

You understand what I’m saying, look deep in to your heart
Ignore it not, no my darling, lest you ignore life itself

The sweetness of your spirit, within your soul, all but obvious
All there to see, yes my darling, for everyone, yes for everyone

As before, these are not the musings, of an empty Poet
But the flow of life, its juice, for you to have

Drink it, meditate on it, make it part of your self
Hesitate not my sweet, life is precious, time is indeed invaluable

My soul, your soul, our spirits, one and the same
Cherish it, live it, embrace it through and through, want it

I’ve said all that needed to be said, your choice, yes indeed, yours 
Life is precious, it always is, yes my darling, your choice, yes indeed, yours


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