Show Trials Get Under Way

The prosecutor followed the line closely associated with IRGC commanders such as Major General Mohammad Ali (Aziz) Jafari and Brigadier General Yadollah Javani, head of the IRGC’s political directorate. As propagated by Kayhan and Shariatmadari, the IRGC top command would like people to believe protests against the rigged election were part of an attempt by reformist leaders to overthrow the regime. There was, however, a minor, but significant difference: Instead of referring to it as a “velvet revolution,” the language of choice used in the past by Jafari, Javani and Shariatmadari, the prosecutor borrowed a phrase from reformist leader Mohammad Khatami, who said two weeks ago, “If anything [has happened to the election], it is a velvet coup against the people.” The prosecutor shifted his language too, also referring to it as a “velvet coup.”Quoting Ayatollah Khamenei, the prosecutor mocked the “foreigners” and the “enemy.” “They thought Iran is like Georgia,” he said…The prosecutor then listed the foreign entities that supposedly helped the reformist leaders and the majority of Iranian people in their attempts to stage a “velvet coup”: The Open Society of George Soros; the Rockefeller, Ford and George Marshal Foundations; the Council on Foreign Relations; the German Society for Foreign Affairs; Center for Democratic Governance of Britain; and U.S.-funded Radio Farda, which r >>>

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