The case of the most recent Islamist cutthroats republic’s Special Saturday popup trial, SS for short, has caused some to question different aspects of the mass “trial”. Although it is true that there are prominent lifetime IRI insiders among the hundred or so, exact number is unknown, accused, IRI does not use the term defendant; this SS has nothing over thousands upon thousands of other SS held in Iran.

In the interest of those few visiting summer vacationers from Mars the following abbreviated concise dictionary/reference is being provided. A cursory study of it will instantly orient the novice elevating his/her understanding of the situation to those of average Iranian. It will also ease the burden of all those who are desperately trying to prove the already proven facts about the Islamist cutthroats republic and its peculiar ways.

Editor’s note: like everything else in the Islamist cutthroats republic terms and word have lost their traditional meanings, in most cases taking the opposite definitions.


Republic = Lifetime absolute rule by one unelected man

Islamist Consultative Assembly = where injustice is codified

Ministry of Justice =   where injustice is organized

Courthouse = where injustice is handed out

 Judge = career intelligence/prosecutor/interrogator professional

Police = uniformed thugs

Arrest = when electric baton and judo kick is administered

Detention = where initial pummeling begins

Prison = where injustice is meted out

Solitary confinement = where reincarnation takes place

Solitary confinement (noun) = effective weight loss regiment, aka, Evin diet

Rule of law = whatever & however the Mr. Republic likes it

Human rights = ibid                 

Citizen’s rights = ibid

National security = ibid

Vote = ibid

Any and all other words, terms, what have you = ibid

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