Iran, a hope: a random list

For the Iran, a hope series.

One day in a not so distant future, there will be a better Iran, an Iran which has woken up and has realized all its potential, investing on its strengths and learning from its weaknesses.  Those who think the past 30 years have been wasted are wrong.  The past 30 years have been spent on the requisite and inevitable lessons our nation has had to learn in order to move forward toward a better future.  Iranians’ suffering may not be over yet, but who can deny the joys the same nation has been feeling over the past two months?  Iranians are slowly learning about their strengths and learning from their weaknesses.  Their bright future is only a matter of time now.  Here’s my random list of hopes for Iran:

I hope Iran will see a day when women enjoy equal rights as men.

I hope one day all Iranian children have access to education and none of them has to engage in child labor.

I hope people who love each other will never again be pursued or persecuted for it.

I hope people’s privacies and their personal affairs are respected and safeguarded by Iran’s future constitution.

I hope one day all Iranians have a chance to participate in fair and balanced elections, choosing real representatives from among themselves to help run Iran.

I hope one day soon all political prisoners are freed and there will never be another political prisoner in Iranian jails.

I hope for people of Iran to enjoy standards of life which would guarantee their access to education, welfare, and hope for a better future.

I hope all those unfairly imprisoned, tortured, and murdered by Islamic Republic of Iran are honored and remembered in the way a country’s brave should be remembered.

I hope the justice system in Iran is revamped and reinvented to provide and ensure justice for all.

I hope those who have committed crimes against humanity and against the brightest and bravest of Iranian people are tried and brought to justice.

I hope all the religious structures built with Iranian people’s money are turned to schools and places of learning and growth.

I hope all censorship will be abolished and Iranians are rewarded for their creativity and diversity of thought and never again punished for it, giving way to a true artistic and intellectual renaissance for what has the potential to become world class art and thought.

I hope capital punishment is abolished for ever in Iran.

I hope Iran is returned to its rightful owners, ALL Iranians regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, political belief, and lifestyle.

I hope Iran is free one day very soon.

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