Iran, hope: one crack at a time

One day I was writing a blog about pajamas and other things.  It took me several hours to finish it, with the links and mixtures of English and Farsi texts, and no more than 15 minutes after I posted it I see a blog inviting contributors to write about their hopes for the future of Iran.  Hell, if I knew I would have started that blog with the words “One day” and continued on by saying “One day I saw a man wearing pajamas in a court room in Iran. …”, and made it relate to these series.  I could still go back and change it around and tailor it for this invitation, but hell no, my blog is already ‘featured’, and if I change it, it will drop off the featured blogs, beside I’m talented enough to just make up stuff as I go and contribute something.

One day Pandora…  Have you ever heard of Pandora’s Box?  Well, in Greek mythology, Pandora, the first woman, had a box full of evils.  One day she opens the box and let loose all the evils of mankind, except hope.  Apparently she opened the box out of curiosity, not that she wanted to be mean or anything like that, but regardless, without hope the whole world was filled with despair, hardship, and misery.  But one day she finally opens the box and releases hope also.  I believe hope in Iran is release already.  We have gone through  a long period of despair already, we had an illiterate president called George W. Bush that had no idea what he was doing so he let his aides yack back and forth at each other then he would decide which non-sense idea to pick from.  He was basically a coin, tossed in the air, if it came head he would decide this way, if it came tail he would decide the other way.  So one day they tossed the coin in the air to decide whether to invade Iran or Iraq, and we got lucky that it was tail and they invaded Iraq, but it could’ve easily been head and the war came our way.  So then we had eight years of these kinds of stuff, like calling us Axes of Evil for years.  So basically what he was doing was to open the box and let all the evils out, that’s why we were the axes of evil to him!  So, during those eight years there was no hope, only evil.  That’s when Khamenei selected Ahmadinejad to be the next elected president of Iran, and as you can see this also confirms that there was no hope back then.

Another indication that there was no hope back then is that Ahmedinejad dropped the names of his cabinet members in Imam Zaman’s well in Jamkaran to get his personal approval, and also he said there was a halo on top of his head at the United Nations when he was delivering his speech.  These are only a couple of indications that there was no hope back then.  I can go on and on, his denial of Holocaust, his belief in the appearance of Imam Zaman, him having Mesbah Yazdi as his mentor…, on and on.  This went on for almost four years, simultaneous lack of hope in the USA and Iran at the same time, that’s what simultaneous is, it happens here and there at the same time.  So then Pandora opens the Pandora’s Box a little and an African-American man by the name Hussein is elected, and he sends a NOrooz greetings to the Iranians, and by now you think I should have 750 words but I don’t, so then the Iranian ruling Mullah says no, khar hammon khareh, faghat paloonesh avas shodeh (the donkey is the same donkey, only his pack-saddle is changed).  So, there was still no hope till election time in Iran, but even then the majority of the people in Iran did not want to participate in the election, and the regime knew it too, so then they decided to have live debates between the candidates in national television, and I don’t exactly know when it was that the Pandora’s Box was opened again and hope was released and people voted for someone that was not what the Supreme Leader wanted them to choose.

My hope is to change this regime one piece at a time, without further bloodshed, without this regime turning into a military state where the politicians are installed in power by the generals.  The outcome could be as horrific as total purge of the opposition movement’s top leaders with killings of hundreds, maybe thousands, of people, but I hope for gradual tear and wear of the regime till they are gone.

Thank God (if there is one) I surpassed 750 words.  

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