This shall not stand

It all started well. Everything and every one were good, slogans of freedom and independence were good, people, millions of marching people, were good to one another. Everything was good. The entire gamut of political/social doctrine was there, leftists were there, so were long silenced Mossadeghi nationalists, outright Maoist and remnants of Stalinists. With Freedom and independence on their lips a whole lot of people with a whole lot of different agendas hand in hand shoulder in shoulder were marching day in and day out.

As time wore on little by little the slogan of “Islamic Republic” joined the call for Independence and freedom. Few whispers of what does “Islamic Republic” mean were quickly drowned out by overexcited marchers who were only hearing what their desires were saying.

And we are where we are now. Thirty years of Islamist cutthroats republic has boiled down to government sharpshooters positioned on the rooftops picking off peaceful demonstrators and marauding wolf pack gangs of motorcycle riding Basiji thugs cracking heads and breaking bones of  all who are only asking for their inalienable rights.

Few moments ago on the anniversary of the great Constitutional Revolution while the Islamist thugs were breaking bones outside, the ersatz Islamist consultative congress hosted the official swearing in ceremony of the selected president. This shall not stand.

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