Khomeini’s granddaughter speaks out

Zahra Eshraqi, a granddaughter of the late Ayatollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Revolution, urged security and judiciary officials to reveal the identities of the protesters in custody in order to help relieve their distressed families.

“One of the biggest problems at hand is that the identities of some of those arrested in the post-vote unrest have not been revealed,” she said.

According to Saham News, Eshraqi also said that as a member of the late Imam’s family she felt ashamed to see political activists and the Imam’s companions on trial on charges of attempting to overthrow the establishment. ”The majority of the political prisoners on trial today were among the late Imam’s close friends and companions. This [trial] has caused me to feel great shame,” Eshraqi said. “It is impossible for individuals who were once among the founders of the Revolution to betray the establishment.”

”These trials,” she said, “will make people lose their trust in the establishment even more.”


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