Revolution good 4 Monarchy but not IRI? Bull Shit

I remember vividly my grandfather (son of a mojtahed) saying you can’t take a penny (actuall sekkeh dah shahi) from the closed fist of a living Akhoond.  The akhoond jamaat are among the most corrupt, most evil elements of humanity.

Lately, its become fashionable to say Iran does not need another revolution and we have to over throw the IslamoMafia regime of Ali Geda and Rafsanjani slowly, with a velvety peaceful intellectual revolution using facebook and tweeter.

This myth, actually bull shit has been propagated by people who like the status quo.  People who have a stake (mostly real estate) in Iran and don’t want the boat rocked until at least when their real property has been turned to cash and sent out to banks in Canada, UK, Malaysia, Cypress, China or elsewhere.

To these people, I say FUCK YOU.  OK, I take that back. Lets have a civil discussion.

First, what has and is happening in Iran?  Ali Geda is dying.  While he is alive, he can select his successor.  He wants Mojtaba bache baz to be the next “leader”.  Others such as Rafsanjani don’t want this because after Ali Geda’s death, the majlese khobregan can elect the next successor to the leader. There is a LOT of $$$$$ at stake here.

As a result of this in fighthing, the Rafsanjani faction planned and beautifully executed the foul up with the election process in June. Using the election foul up as an excuse, Iranians sick of the 30 year old rule of the IslamoMafia took to the streets with the hope of using the opportunity to overthrow the entire regime.  No can do.  Remember the penny in Akhoonds fist?

The mother fuckers in power today WILL NOT let go of the beautiful thing they have until their last drop of blood.

So what should be done?  Another violent revolution I say.  Iranians need guns, bombs, RPGs, plastic explosives, UAVs etc to start taking down the akhoonds, mullahs, basijis and anyone remotely associated with the current regime, one by one.  This support needs to come from U.S.  

True, there will be blood shed.  But that was the case with most worth while revolutions in human history.

The only problem is that there is no leader who can step in and take the helm until democratic elections are held and real democracy is established.  This is the biggest problem for Iran.  This leader cannot be son of the Shah, MUST not be anyone who puts Islam ahead of Iran and has to be someone who is willing to let go of power once Islamic elements are exponged.

I don’t have a suggestion for a leader yet.  But I do think the work of exterminating the akhoond jamaat, basijis, anyone remotely associated with the regime from top to bottom must start now.  This is not going to be an easy task. 

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