The story of life and the false people who misuse the God for their own benefits.

In the time that I was a teacher in a high school in Germany, one day a half German and half Iranian girl asked me if there is a God or not? Her father was half Iranian and half Austrian and her mother was German. I said Katayoun the question you ask is not easy to answer. That is a problem for century and millions of philosopher and religious people and theologies have tried to answer this question and all leaders of religions also tried to answer this question. And thousand or more articles have written about this matter. Millions of people have been killed for this type of questions. Or have been destroyed, put in fire or hanged. Now you are asking the same question and you expect that I can give you an answer? I said to her, as I was student in Firuz Bahram high school a student asked the same question you asked me from our teacher Mr. Khobreh zadeh. He said nobody can answer this question. And millions of people worked for this question, but they do not have an answer. They cannot find an answer that every body believes it. In our class were student of all type of religion, Moslems, Jews, Christians, Zoroastrian, Bahai and Catholics, different churches flowers Biblical to Gregorian and even atheists.

He continued that everybody accept the water as a fact and accept also the form of it which is 2 Hydrogen and one Oxygen. And all people in the whole world agree with this matter. But God came in different religions and in different time. And the definition is not accepted by all people in the world. Four billions people are living in the world now. May be about two billions of people do not believe in God at all and they said the people build the God in their imagination. And the people create God to rob other people and misuse other people. And use other people as slaves. About one billion of people of different Christians, they have also different interpretation for the God concept. One billion are Moslem and they do have another way of thinking about God similar to Christians. For the Moslem and Christian the other two billions are atheist and they believe also in different gods and they have different way of interpretation of God. The atheist believe also in sort of gods, but their god is different than Abraham God, as Jew, Christians, Moslems and may be Bahai are some how related to each other. And the newer one believes the older one. Christian believe Jews and Moslem believe Christians, and Bahais believe all of them.

But even between different churches of Christianity, some churches are radical and they do not believe other churches and some even say the other churches are Satan churches. And some Christian churches like Church of Unity believe that all religions are right. Some churches respect all churches including other religions and other churches do not believe any churches, but themselves only. So the Moslems and other religions have also different sects and sometimes they even hate each other. And there was a lot of war between different churches and between different religions and millions of people have been killed and torches by different religions and different churches.

If you read history, you can see that the Catholics killed the Protestants and the Protestants killed Catholics who ever had more power killed the others. Even the two major religions of Islam Soni and Shia killed each other and millions of people are killed because of this also. We have also Hindus, and Buddhists, Jew Bahai and other religions like Zoroastrians and flowers the Abraham, they are not a lot of people, but they do not accept each other also. And if they are radical and brain washed they are even willing to kill each other.

But in the middle of this action, are some people who want this war and hate and disunity as they have huge benefits for this. They want that the simple people hate each other and fight with each other so they get weaker and weaker and they can misuse them and make a lot of money. They make a huge business for the hate between religions, nationalities and races. They can sell their bombs, drugs and other materials and they make billions of billions dollars. They are rich and they run in reality the world and control the world. The reality of God or the world is a huge matter and is much more than the capacity of our limited brain. As an aunt or even a dog cannot understand us, because their brain is very limited and they cannot understand the concept of telephone or television and so on, so we cannot understand also the world mystery and the God story. We cannot accept God with our brain and its concept, we only believe God by our feeling and heart. Just Love. So we cannot say there is no God and we cannot also prove physically that there is God. Like the television waves we cannot see them, but they are existing. Like animals they can understand some facts that our sense cannot get it. The smell of a dog is not comparable with the smell that we feel. The dog can smell much better that we do and his organ for this sense is much more complicated and better than ours. So we cannot prove the God now, but may be one day we can prove it; if we have been more advanced and we have more knowledge.

Sorrowfully the God is also a device in the hands of some people to misuse it against the other people. These people do not believe God, but for them it is like a business and they misuse his name to rob people and get money and respect. They are in the service of bad people and destroy the humanity. The example of them are the middle age in Europe, they killed Jan dark alive in the fire.

As you see the God is a fact in our mind and different people have different imagination about him. For some people He is Love and Unity and for other people is the way of killing and destroying. For one person is the God for brotherhood, love and cooperation and helping others, for the other one the God is for hate, killing and destroying and getting other people wealth and lives.

I feel as a teacher who thought in different school system in Europe and Iran, USA and Africa, that an unseen hand is guiding these subjects. They want disunity hate and lack of knowledge so they can conquer the people. Simple people are easier to manage as smart educated people; as you know if all people get smart and educated, so they do not want to fight and kill each other; they will try to negotiate and so their one million dollars bombs will stay for ever in the sheds.

You see they supported Sadam and Ben laden and give them power as long as they need them, they were fine and what every they did and kill other innocent people; they were quite, but in the time they do not need them, they left them by themselves. In the time Sadam was killing the Kurds in Iraq with chemical bombs, they were quite, but as he attached Kuwait, they attacked him.

Now they want to rob the third world. And support the dictators and help the greedy people, if we can be united like them, so we can have also our rights. But as long as we fight with each other, they will rob us. And we will be their slaves.

These business people even have no mercy for their own people and want to destroy the middle class. Why so many young people in Europe and USA are addicted and take drugs, because they make money and as long as they make money everything is finding. Why all problems in the West are against the middle class and make them poorer? Has the West really no power to cut the death business people or they do not want to destroy them?

Sorrowfully the people do not cooperate with each other, they can make their each other life nicer and sweet, and they can help each other and cooperate with each other. So they can reduce the pain of the life and make it easier for each other. They should live together as the limbs of one body, but they want to destroy each other, because they are selfish and they are not clever. They some how help the bad people in the world who want disunity hate and war, so they can make their deathly business.

I wish one day the Moslem can pray their own prayer in a church, and atheist can admire the nature in the synagogue , Christian can pray in his/her way in the mosques. All these fight and disunity is because of selfishness and ignorance if you study and clean, pure your heart you will see there is no difference between synagogue, church, temple and mosque. All people who love and believe worship in a different way, but all of them worship the thing and matter they love. Put your guns and swords back in the house and love each other as I loved you. Do not bitter this short life to each other and for no one.

The God believe should not guide people to kill each other and if the people kill each other in the name of God, that is a false way. If God wants to punish the people He can do it by himself, He does not need the people kill each other for his glory and for His love and favor. He is much more powerful and He can do it much faster and easier. That is a program that some people in the name of God kill people and take their wealth, in reality may be they do not believe even in God. That is a new way of colonialism so they misuse religion and God to rob and destroy the people. They want power and money and with the God and religion device they get what ever they want. They cheat people and in the name of God, they took their wealth.

The people want power and absolute obedient so they misuse God to get to their target. They want to destroy people who do not obey them and who do not believe in them totally. They want slaves and for this reason they are against knowledge and thinking. They do not want the people get educated and be smart. As long as the people are like robots they are happy. For this reason they want even destroy the middle class even in the first world. They should pay more taxes and be poorer and poorer until they get needy and be their baggers. They want themselves in the world and the slaves or poor class people who do not have education and can obey them as the masters.

They misuse the beautiful girls for their business as a device for advertisements. And than use them with the drug and so they have their own sex slaves. And they want the boys as another device to do what ever they command. The want brain washed people to do their commands. And the other people could use drugs or go after killing and taking other people materials. They can punish them and put them in hard work. They want the people should be totally indifferent and so there will be not united and they can govern them for ever. They want indifferent people in the whole world so they can do what ever they want. I remember that Khomeini told one time that the president of USA does not respect the King of Iran. And he did not even look at the King’s face and ignored him and played with his glasses. Now who respect the president of Iran? They say he is thief, and stole the vote and he kills people in the jail, he let homosexual activities in the jail and with his command or the command of leader the people rape the young Iranian girls and children. Do you think now the president has more respect than the King at that time?

In Iran now there are four millions addicted, four million people without work, six millions Iranian left Iran and work in different countries and million of young people have been killed in Iran. And billions of Iranian money, the Iranian budget is missing. These business people want the stupid people on the top of regime so they can rob easier the country. They have a huge capital and they can employ whom they want. They can pay the people to do what they desire. They have the media in control and can influence the people to the material what ever they want. They advertise their plan and the people believe it. They have huge companies under their control, so with this power they can control the whole world. Who is against them will be killed or lost his/her job and should work as physical workers. The nice people are on the sides and bad people have the power.

The professor should be taxi drivers and uneducated people have high position. And the real scientist is working as day paid workers in the building activities. This system is government of the whole world in a shade position. The people trained to be indifferent and have no sympathy for each other, so they separate the people in this way than they punished them and nobody says anything.

The indifferent people are quite in their corners until it will be their time, to be destroyed. The cry of nice people is not heard in the atmosphere of indifference and the people say that is not my business, I have no interest about this; I do not know about this. Until it is their term and in this time again no body will interfere for their favor. You know in the past the Catholics killed the Protestants and wise versa. They called each other bad and not believer and themselves the believer who is going to the paradise and the other one is going to hell. O you the children of Adam if you believe in religion all of you are the children of Adam and Eva, so you are brothers and sisters. If you believe in religions, try to study all religions and you will see all of them are the same and say the same thing. You are all the different flowers of the garden of God with different colors and different perfumes. You are all the leaves of one tree and the leave of one flower. Without leaves the flower and the tree is not beautiful. You should love each other and work together and cooperate with each other to have advancement. Love and unity should replace hate and disunity. Just should replace indifference and unjust. The cooperation should be with love and unity in the whole world. The Israeli child and Palestinian child must be loved equally. You should plan the tree of love and unity which has the good fruit. The hate should be destroyed and take away from the human being life. You, who have no love and sympathy for other; continues the positive work until the Love and Unity is in the people, and if you do not have Love and Unity for mankind in your mind;should not call yourself human being. And this is the story of  people and the  government.

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