Taking some time off to go surfing!!!

Ham-Meehanaane Geraami,

I tried my best by contacting few important International Human Rights Attorneys!

To bring Islamic Republic Criminal case to justice requires an unbelievable amout of time, efforts and money!!!!!!!!

But beyond all that, needs Relentness unity and support of Iranians especially the ones outside Iran which I have not really seen or experienced in a caliber needed FOR REAL CHANGE !!!

I’m not giving up but honestly, I am tired and drained, I don’t want to write and say anymore!

I am disappointed, angry, sad and even heart broken…

There is no unity amongst us Iranians, Everyone is the boss and the best theorist, but when it comes to actual work there are NOT too many of us !!! At the end of the day, not too many of us Iranians actually want to do anything positive for Iran and Iranians … That’s pretty sad…

We are all stuck with our egos, Too many Chiefs and No Indians!!!

Anyway, Nice to meet you all (on-line),

Wish you all the best (except Islamic Republic ones……..) 

Catch you on the next waves…. Off I go………. At least, the ocean and mother earth are the real things in life…. Water Temp. is 70 degrees Farenheit/ 21 degreeCelsius GOD is very close…………………. 🙂

Adios amigos,

Awareness, Consciousness, Freedom, Independence, Peace and Love  for Iran, Iranians, Humanity and Mother Earth……….


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