I Resort to Cooking

I resort to cooking

To take away my pain

That pain in my heart

Of losing a dear friend


I gather the ingredients

To bake a cake of heart

Set the bowl on top

Get the mixer so I can start


Seven or eight eggs

Separated like us

Honey by the cup

Just like how sweet he was


Some milk, as white as his honesty

A dash of salt

His sense of humor and

How he was so witty


A cup of honor and

a spoon of integrity

To make the cake rise

To the occasion of his memory


The icing made of his intelligence

The filling made of love, passion and brilliance

A rainbow on top

Resembling his tolerance


A few tears rolling down my face

I couldn’t help control even though it’s not the place

The cake is ready, the aroma’s filled the space

But who is to eat this beautiful cake?

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