Iran vs. Israel–Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

I have been reading this site for a long time and have recently registered.  What has always fascinated me beyond everything else on this site has been the mindless animosity and vitriol that I see between some of the readers of these pages and everything that has to do with Israel.  The only other places where I see this view of Israel are Palestinian and other Arab publications, and for good cause I may add.  After all, Israel has attacked them, captured their lands and is keeping millions of Palestinians essentially captive in inhumane conditions in what is nothing but an apartheid state.  But Israel has never attacked us, captured our land or killed a single Iranian.  So, what’s all the fuss about?

To better understand this phenomenon, I tried to take a look back and see where and when this whole Iran vs. Israel “thing” started.  My (mental) journey took me back to 1979 and the start of the disaster that was the “Islamic” revolution.  Prior to that “momentous” event, Iran and Israel had good relations, and enjoyed a good amount of trade and sharing of technology.  But then enter Ayatooleh Khomeini and his decrepit Islamic “ommat” ideology.  Things literally changed overnight.  The two faced airplane hijacker Arafat was allowed to come to Iran and grace us with his checkered “chafieh” and was personally given a tour of what constituted the Israeli diplomatic building by Haj Seyyed Ahmad Khomeini, where Mr. Arafat gave his grand speech calling for victory against Israel.  Israeli flags were burned in the streets of Iran and Israel was declared Iran’s enemy No.1 by the mullahs in charge.  The liberation of Palestine and the removal of the Israeli state were declared Iran’s ultimate goal.  Chants of “marg bar Israel” (death to Israel) were heard—and are heard to this day–everyday on the streets, in schools and at Friday prayers.  Iran then helped establish Hezbollah, with its many attacks on Israel, armed and funded it and put troops in southern Lebanon.  It also financed—and continues to finance—Hamas. It has also helped finance and coordinate terrorist attacks against Israeli and Jewish targets around the world, including the attack on the Jewish center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  And all this has been going on for the past 30 years folks.  Oh, I forgot to mention that in the 1980’s, while Iran was doing all of this for the Palestinians, they were sending volunteers to fight alongside the Iraqis in its war against Iran (small side note, but worthy of mention).          

In response, Israel has been pushing its allies for sanctions against Iran and it is threatening to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.  It has also done whatever it can for the past 30 years to counter Iran’s influence in the region.  It has, however, never attacked Iran and has never conducted a single terrorist act against Iran or its citizens inside or outside of Iran.

Can you just imagine if Israel was burning Iranian flags on the streets for the past 30 years, chanting “marg bar Iran” for the past thirty years, had created, funded and armed militant groups on Iran’s borders for the past 30 years, had stationed troops on Iran’s borders, conducted terrorist bombings against Iranians abroad, and had stated its reason for existence as being to remove Iran’s sovereignty and replacing it with a non-Iranian government?  Can you just imagine what the self righteous commentators on this site would be doing?!!!   

Ask yourselves this question: would Israel have this animosity toward Iran if the IRI had not done everything that I have enumerated above since the start of its reign over the hapless Iranians?  I seriously doubt it.

In sum, since coming to power, the IRI has started an ideologically based conflict against Israel for the past thirty years, the victims of which, as usual, have been (or may be in the future) the people of Iran.  There is no logical basis for this conflict.  Even if we take for granted that the character of the State of Israel is all that IRI claims it to be, there are many, many other governments in the world who are far worst in their crimes against humanity than Israel with whom IRI has very friendly relations (Sudan comes to mind—where Mr. Larijani rushed to meet his beloved brother in arms General Bashir the day after he was indicted for crimes against humanity for the genocide in Darfur).  Plus, the IRI has no moral standing to be the standard bearer of human rights in the world, where it was executing tens of thousands of Iranians, some as young as twelve, while it was beating its chest for crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinians.     

So, make no mistakes about it.  If Iran is attacked, it’s IRI’s fault.  IT, and not any other entity, has brought animosity and war to Iran over a cause that has nothing to do with Iran.  We are not Israel’s neighbor, Israel has not attacked us, has not taken our land, has not established apartheid against our people and if it was not for IRI’s ideological war against it, would have had nothing to do with us.    

I know that I will get a lot of grief for this piece by the rabid, anti-Israel hezbollahi automatons on this site who have so mindlessly bought the IRI’s propaganda lock, stock and barrel without giving it a moment of analytical thought, but hey, truth hurts, doesn’t it?

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