“Bitch! The day I lay my hands on you, you will wish you were long dead.”

“Why will I wish so, my dear cousin when it should be the other way round?”

“You have double crossed me. You have duped me out of a deal. You think you are a smart Alec, don’t you. Laugh till you can or till I can reach your neck.”

”Don’t tickle yourself. Rascal, who gave you the right to reveal my minimum bid for the Tender to Slimy Bunny. You took money from him, of course. Never mind. I knew, you were up to something. I gave you the wrong price. Did you for a moment think I will trust you with the minimum bid?”

“You are damn right. He paid me. That’s business. Now he’s gunning for me after losing the Tender. He thinks I have double crossed him. I dread to think what he will do to me? You gotta set the matters right. You must meet him and tell him what you have done.”

“Are you crazy? You must be. Why will I do that? The Tender was supposed to go to me. I am the lowest bidder. You were the one coming to me to know my quote. I smelt rat then. Now it doesn’t matter. Let me tell you, I gave you a different bid price than what I had bid.”

“You always thought you were smart chick, right! Not this time. Do as I say and talk to Slimy or I will bust you faster than you can say bust.”

“Forget it. Don’t even waste your breath. You know what! Double crossing runs in your family. The day your dad cheated my dad out of the land deal and didn’t even offer him the price, I had vowed I will get even with you. I shouldn’t have vowed. You are an easy catch.”

“Forget the past. Now, do…”

“That is something I can’t do – forget the past. Your dad set the ball rolling. You picked it up but it is me, who will have the last laugh.”

“So your family wants to gyp us out of our own property. Do you think you are that smart, bastard. You are my cousin, no doubt but your days are numbered. I was too young to kill your dad, who duped his own younger brother out of his property share. You thought you could go on doing the same. You forget, I am not my dad. I will give you the taste of your own medicine.”

“Leave these dialogues for later on. Now, get ready and go and meet Slimy.”

“Who the hell are you to order me? In a little while you will know…”

“That doesn’t matter what I will know in a little while. There is work to be done and you are simply delaying it. Don’t force me to get rough with you Timara.”

“You will get nothing out of that. Return Slimy’s money and he will be off your back.”

“You crazy or what! I have already spent $ 10,000 that he gave me. From where will I get that sort of money now unless you give it to me? Now, that’s a good idea. Why don’t you pay Slimy since you are the root cause of trouble?”

“You are definitely crazy. You gotta pay me $ 10,000 for double crossing me. Or I will report the matter to the cops.”

“Bitch, you just don’t know what you are talking. I will smash that smart brains of yours. You think you are pretty smart, huh! All bitches think so but once they get the treatment they realise they are just bitches.”

“I have heard you enough. Pay Slimy and end the matter. I wonder if the matter will end there. He won’t take kindly to your deed. Remember Coco Dou?”

“What of him? Why bring him in now?”

“He is being released from jail today. Your wife Salina must be by his side by now.”

“How do you know all this?”

“When I am dealing with creeps like you, I must keep a step ahead. You thought you could take over his casino and inform the cops about his whereabouts, get him arrested and send him to jail for 15 years. You forced his girlfriend to marry you. In less than five years he is out on account of good conduct. Salina has borrowed money from me against the casino. She wants to take off with Coco. But I don’t think so Coco will leave without settling the score with you finally.”

“If what you say is true…”

“Run. Run for all your two legs are worth. I am gifting the casino to Coco for coming out and starting a new life. Don’t waste any more time. Go. Go away.”

“So, this is your plan. You not only gypped me of a deal you are in cohorts with my enemy.”

“In your case, nothing was ever yours. You double crossed everyone. Now it is payback time. What you took by cheating is being returned to its rightful owner. Don’t go back home. Coco’s men are waiting for you. Your son is with them too.”

“Jonty is with them If anything happens to him, I will kill the bastards. I will…”

“First save your life. Jonty is in good hands. He gets his dope from them. They will take care of him. Now run fast. If you luckily or unfortunately escape either Slimy or Coco you will live to regret it. You surely wouldn’t want to live life half or quarter. Trust me; I will complete their unfinished job. The pleasure would be entirely mine. I can do that now itself but let them do what is rightfully theirs.”

“I will not forget your treachery. If what you say is true and I can evade these two, I will give you a worthy farewell.”

“You don’t talk of bad things when death is awaiting you. I wish you well.”


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