An open question

A question, not a trick nor a rhetorical one, a genuine honest to goodness question. To narrow down the question the following are assumed to be irrefutable facts:

1-An election was held in Iran

2-the candidates who had passed the multilayer vetting process were all consummate IRI insiders. One a two term Prime Minister, another former Speaker of the Parliament and the third a longtime Commander of the Revolutionary Guard.

3-The result of the said election was challenged by all the losing candidates

4-Two of the said candidates publically declared the election to have been rigged

5-Considerable number of people of Iran took to the street to demonstrate the “rigging”

6-Hundreds upon hundreds of video clips attest to the non-violent, peaceful nature of the demonstrations. There was a carnival like atmosphere where people were not demanding anything but for their votes to be counted.

7-There are hundreds if not thousands of video clips attesting to the brutal suppression operations by the IRI which included but not limited to:

-Rooftop sharpshooters randomly picking off peaceful demonstrators

-Club and bicycle chain wielding motorcycle mounted law enforcement units randomly attacking people, cracking heads and breaking bones

-Deaths resulting from these suppression oppressions on the streets

-Deaths occurring in the detention centers, the only dispute is to the numbers

-Some detained demonstrators were raped by law enforcement personnel of the IRI

-Some of the rape victims are men, at least one of them an underage teenager

-Number of rape victims have step forward

Now given the above and taking into account the following behavior of some whom:

1-deny the above known facts

2-Minimiz above facts via calling them an abomination but not exclusive to IRI, ergo not a big deal

3-Calling the above facts as a step in the democratization process of the IRI

4-Calling the whole thing as an unfortunate side show and harping on the “independence” of the IRI

5-Calling the above a failed attempt by the Imperialist/Zionist S.O.Bs to deny the Iranian people of their chosen beloved method of governance

5-Some and all other whitewashing methods

Given the cherished freedom that all have and should have to express their opinion, the question in a nutshell, what is the politically correct, none-hateful and civilized way to refer to the above people, organizations and lobby groups?

The question is rather urgent only because the “popularly elected” president of the IRI is to make his annual NY. trip soon and one needs to know how to address IRI supporters and lobbyists.

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