Are You Going To Ahmadinejad’s Party?

Every year, when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad graces the United States with his presence for his UN General Assembly appearance, he throws a dinner party, a fiesta if you will, mainly to have an opportunity to bore us, yet again, with his boring propaganda about how he is standing up to the Zionists, humiliating the United States, when he is going to free Palestine, how Iran is the most technologically advanced country in the world…blah, blah, blah. 

Invitations then go out to Iranians who live in and around NYC for their attendance at that glorious event.  For the past few years, I have noticed a certain “degree” of salivation at the mouth by various Iranians upon receiving these invitations and a great degree of eagerness to show up at this event and meet this “great” leader of “Omat-e Islam”.  Their motivations for attending the fiesta are somewhat different, some go there to jot down the exact date when Israel is going to collapse, some are there to see when America is going to disintegrate into various small Muslim countries (even though they all carry U.S. passports), some ex-leftist dinosaurs are there to see the fruit of their 1979 revolution, some are there to collect their paychecks (like Mr.’s Afrasiabi and Ommani), and hell, some are even there for the free chelo-kabob.   Some on this site who live across the country were even asking last year if they could attend (you know who you are, but I’m not going to mention your names because I don’t want to hear your denials and your justifications about it.)

All those years when you asked these stooges why are you going to break bread with the representative of a dictatorship that has committed such atrocities against the Iranian people, their response was that the IRI should be embraced, not isolated because that is the only way that it will “reform” and that is the only way that democracy will come to Iran!  Incidentally, I really don’t know if they actually believed that fairytale or that they knew at that time that they were BS’ing us (and/or themselves for that matter). 

So, the question is: what about this year?  Now that we have seen the attempt at “reform” in Iran, now that we have seen that IRI version 2.0 is nothing but a military dictatorship hidden behind a thin façade of a clerical dictatorship, now that we have been reminded once again (for all those who had conveniently forgotten) of IRI’s brutality, now that we have seen the bloodshed, are you now going to attend Ahmadinejad’s NYC dinner party?  What is your excuse now?  Tell us please.  We really want to know.  If you do attend the party, what are you going to tell your glorious President when you meet him?  “Dastet dard nakoneh”?           

You should know this:  America is a free country.  You have the right to go anywhere you want.  But we also have the free speech right to expose you if you do.  So, a lot of people like me will be watching to see who attends Ahmadinejad’s party (if he has the audacity to hold one this year).  And have no doubts about it, to the extent that we can, we will expose the identities of those who attend to all Iranians so that they know who is aligned with this bloodthirsty regime.  The Iranian people can then make their own judgment about the character of the “attendees”.    

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