Revealed… part one

It’s illusion time and place
All the same and different case
Don’t want suitors, have seen enough
I am not at all impressed
I am just happy in my space

In search of “I” I looked inside
And found it in an empty place
Where does one end or begin?
Is there someone to replace?
True love showed her face to me
And this love is free and filled with grace

Don’t ask me for tender touch,
Passionate kiss or tempting looks
I am done with all those games
As this heart never had interest
In earthly, hurtful, selfish plays

A Random face with no boundaries
A thought with no Time and no space
A spirit joyful filled with love
A heart thirsty to learn and grow
Is what my soul will now embrace

A light ignited deep in me
A flame fulfilling my divine as
The butterfly left her cocoon
So now this “I “, these words express
And no “story” can erase

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