Come by busses, planes, trains or automobiles

Join us in New York City, September 23rd and 24th, as we raise our Voices for Iran and demand Ahmadinejad be held accountable for crimes against the Iranian people. We call upon the international community support human rights in Iran and reject the policies of military aggression and economic starvation.

Say no to torture, killings, and rape. Say yes to freedom of speech, assembly. End the show trials. Free all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, and hold the real criminals accountable. Remember Neda and Sohrab, and all the victims of state violence. Oppose war and economic sanctions. Shame Ahmadinejad.

We aim to have the single biggest international action in support of Iranian rights ever in one location. We encourage everyone to come to New York City September 23rd and 24th for two days of action. Together we can send a message that is heard loud and clear!

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Ahmadi is coming to NYC! Come JOIN us. Speak out. INVITE everybody!!! Make New York Green!

Sent by Bitta Mostofi

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