How about a new phrase instead of “Allah o Akbar”?

Since my wife’s departure for China I have a lot more free time on my hands.  I recently started renting Iranian movies to fill the time in the evenings.

Some of the movies I have seen have been really good.  One of the things that started getting on my nerves was seeing “besmellah e rahmaneh rahim” or “besmehi ta aalaa” at the begining of all these movies.  Then I remembered the fact that still, a lot of Iranians go to their roof tops every night and say “allah o akbar” as a sign of discontent.

Why are Iranians/Persians/Parsies/people of Fars etc etc using all these Arabic words?  Don’t we have Farsi words and phrases that convey the same meaning?

Some Iranian nut jobs insist on using “Parsi” words for daily/pedestrian conversations; they insist on using kadbaan and kadbaanoo for men and women instead of agha and khaanoom.

Although in the large scheme of things Faramarz Fateh is as close to nothing as one can get, I’d nevertheless like to suggest a new phrase instead of “allah o akbar”.  Since I have lived in the U.S. most of my life and my Farsi is horrible, I can be excused from coming up with one.  Can you?

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