A challenge to the contingency of Baha’i Fascists of Iranian.Com & JJ

The Fascist contingency of the Baha’i Internet Agency, mainly composed of Faryar Mansouri, his assorted aliases and drooling sycophants taking orders from Haifa, Zionistan, keeps repeating an allegation – like a Hiterlian BIG LIE (hoping that the more it is repeated, the more it will be believed) – that I am the identities Covenant, Mona Taheri, Ravian Bilani, and earlier Reza71 (a specific allegation which they have now dropped). Seeing that the only similarity between these aliases and myself is the fact  that we are anti-Baha’is, and in my case an ex-Baha’i who is an anti-Baha’i, this is the only evidence they are able to proffer. Nothing else.

But such is not evidence, and this allegation is precisely the lack of any substantive evidence that no court on the planet (unless it be a kangaroo court directly controlled by the BIA itself) would buy. Common empirical observation as well as logical deduction establishes that a similarity between two things never constitutes an actual identity. Yet here we have the Baha’is insisting this to be the case. Note that this sort of reasoning is the sort of  pseudo-reasoning commonly used by totalitarian systems, and closer to home the Islamic Republic, against its own detractors and antagonists. Why the Baha’is are being allowed to get away with this nonesense here while Muslims are being excoriated by the iranian.com peanut gallery for far, far less, is anyone’s guess.

That said, there is a way to establish who is lying here and who is telling the truth (and I have put this out here before), and that is for JJ to publish on this blog (or in a separate blog, if he so wishes) my IP address and that of the accounts associated with the aforementioned aliases the Baha’i Internet Agency hacks keeping harping on are me (which aren’t).

Ball in your court. Put up, or shut up!  


Note I am publishing the contents of this blog far and wide in the event that the censors here take it down. 

Also see, Baha’i CULT FAQ

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