Forget Israel and Palestine, Quds Day here we come!

It is easy to lose heart with the massive crackdown which has taken place on Iranian people over the past couple of months.  On the surface, IRI authorities seem to be getting bolder and more ruthless in arresting people and canceling any and all public events which might give Iranians a chance to come to the streets again to protest an illegitimate government.  IRGC (Sepaah), police, and Basij commanders are giving daily interviews, threatening people and sounding smug in their new “military state” hold over Iran and Iranians.  In my humble opinion, this all is the anticipated behavior of a group of tyrants who are running scared from the people’s wrath on them, taking their last breaths before their total collapse.  Take religious holiday but a political event open to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike, and thus observance is not obligatory in Islam.”

This idiot’s assertion that Quds Day must not be “tainted for political purposes” is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time!  Give me a break!  What about the Quds day is NOT political?  Islamic Republic of Iran has made it its sole business to protest Israel’s occupation of Quds.  Normally on this day Iranians are led in chants of “Death to Israel” and “Death to America.  This year Iranians are going to come to streets to protest not Israel’s occupation of Palestine, but occupation of Iran by the illegitimate and unwanted Islamic Republic of Iran.  Who wants to bet that people will be chanting “Death to Dictator,” and “Death to Khamenei” instead?! 

Gentlemen, for 30 years you made your bed, now kindly scoot over and lie in it while people of Iranian take care of business!

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