As the world witnessed systematic, widespread and grave violations of human rights committed by the Iranian regime against its own people during and after the 2009 presidential election, an active grassroots movement of concerned Iranians in diaspora reflexively started collaborating on many fronts to keep each other informed and assist their fellow countrymen and women in any way possible. www.WhereIsMyVoice.org was born to channel these activities and to act as an online repository by providing free service to members and visitors via its website.

Our website is for all those who wish to help the cause of democracy and freedom in Iran and who want to be part of this historic wave of action back in our homeland.

Please visit and contribute to our site by participating in our forum discussions, adding recent news of Iran, reports, blogs, articles, pictures, videos or other information you consider relevant to the current situation in Iran.

Our goal is to gather as many voices as possible! As a virtual community which is informed and vigilant through its members’ contribution, we are trying to channel our efforts through this website to galvanize support in the international community for our cause and demand change in Iran.

The idea for this site was conceived by young Iranians who live in the United States and Canada. We wanted to play a more useful role in helping our fellow Iranians back home. We decided an official web site is the best way to start. We discussed our ideas and were lucky enough to have community members who are willing and enthusiastic about providing the technical background. With a little help from our friends, we can unite for a stronger voice.

With the help of our members, we will approach reputable organizations, such as United Nations’ Human Rights Council or Amnesty International and other established associations or professional networks. We will insist on further and continued international involvement and ask for increased engagement by human rights activists.

Please join us at www.whereismyvoice.org and add your voice to ours. Together we can make a difference.

Registration is free.

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