The hardship of Manucher and the divorce of his American wife

The difficult life of Manucher and the hardness separation of his American wife. Manucher got his MS degree in Architect engineering and after he finished his military duty, he got a good job in Tehran. Until the revolution in Iran gave him the gift also and because he was Bahai, he lost his job and thought if he goes out of Iran; it will be better for him to get a good job. So he stayed few years in France and study there and than he came to the USA.

As in France the condition of work got worst, he decided to come here. He found a good paying job and married a poor American girl. The girl was about twelve years younger than him, but she has only the high school diploma, her body was not slim and she was not tall, she was a little bit fat and her face was not ugly also. But Manucher was a sportier and had a nice body; he has MS degree and could speak at least three languages.
But Manucher felt in love with this girl and married her. Manucher had a good salary and so the girl did not need to work in an entry level job and as she liked to study, Manucher encourage her to continue her study. And he paid all her costs until she got her PhD in a humanity subject. And later she got a position as a university teacher. Now Manucher was very happy as her wife was a university professor and she was important. They were married for fifteen years and they married each other with a great love.

They lived with each other in a happy life and were nice to each other. Now the girl was working and had a very good salary. Manucher sees as a lover in a very simple girl a beautiful girl. Such as a goddess of beauty. As he loved her, he think that she is very beautiful and now she was a PhD and so he thinks, she is more beautiful and more important. After one year that the girl worked as a university teacher, she started to be very proud. And Manucher also thing that she is very nice and important and she is much better and higher than him. She was twelve years younger and had PhD and as I wrote he thinks that she is also beautiful.

Manucher believe so that he started to think that she is much more than him, he refused even take picture together with her as he thought, the picture will show that he is older than her and she is much better than him. Now his wife had good income and started to buy expensive clothes and shoes and tried to be sexy and beautiful. So some young American boys or young men gathered around her, as she paid their food and their entertainments so they were with her. So a girl who had nothing and her husband paid her costs for fifteen years , now she had a good salary and the whole salary was hers as Manucher did not need her money. She spent the money for more entertainments and was with young men, who worked in her environments.

One day Manucher told me come Amir and see my beautiful young wife who is the university professor. I went to his house and see the woman. The woman was a very normal average woman. She was about fourty three years old; she had a big quadrate bottom and a fat upper side. Her bottom was even not rounding and her leg and feet were the same size. Normally a nice bottom should be like to big eggs, which the round part is down and narrow part build the upper side of the body. But hers were all the same size and fat. Nothing was round in her body; her body was more like a quadrate than a round form. She was not sexy at all and her face was a very simple and normal face. Her breast was big and loses. She was a very bad formed and nothing was nice and especial in her body. Manucher now was fifty five years old and the young people around the wife told her, why she married an old foreign person. She is professor and young and can have a much better chance. So as I said she was not ugly, but not beautiful with a nice body. She was very average person. But she had PhD and was professor that was good credits for her. So a lot of poor young people were with her, as she was very generous and pay for their food and drinks. She could not even get pregnant and Manucher adapted a girl from orphan house to have also a child. The girl was not smart but Manucher loved her a lot. Both Manucher and her wife were dark and they had black hair, but the girl was white blond and had blue eyes.

So the girl was everything for Manucher and he could not be one hour without that little girl who was a little bit also retarded. One day I said to Manucher why you think that your wife is more than you and is much better than you. She is not even beautiful and she does not have a good body. You are much better than hers. And even she does not look much younger than you. They only good credit she has are the PhD and that one is earned by your money and support also. But they lived fifteen years together and the girl got accepted the Bahai faith, the religion of Manucher. Now this woman wanted to chose the best young man around her, a good boy friend and have fun with him. He was just twenty five years old and he was attracted to her, may be because she could pay his costs.

She bought gifts for the young people and now she was going to a short journey with him. Manucher thought positively and was sure that she loves him, only she want to have some fun and socialize with them. So he was not worried about his wife. He thought a fourty five years old woman is something like mother to twenty five years boy. But that was not the case. They had sexual relationship and now the woman had asked divorce to be freer with the young people. Manucher who accepted all her bad attitude and was positive with her, now he feels that she is serious and want the divorce and half of his wealth to be free with her young boy friends.
That was very hard action for Manucher. One day he came to me and said my wife will divorce and I will kill myself. How can I live without her after almost twenty years marriage with her? Now the woman wanted to go to the court and she had attorney to support her and get half or more of his wealth. I said to him, you should be happy that such a woman will go away from you. She is married with you and goes for a journey for one week with a twenty five years old man and they stay in the same room in hotel, why you want to keep this woman. She does not love you. And she sleep with other boys, may be she can even bring sexual diseases to home. Let her go this half prostitute woman. Manucher Jan here is so many other women that they want to marry you. You have a good capital even after it is in half still is enough to have a nice life.

And you can marry easily another may be a better woman also. You can think you are dead, and kill your bad side of yours and live for love and unity. Help the people and love the people. It is a different fun. He wanted to get help from the Bahai organization may be the woman will stay with him and forget the divorce. But she decided to go away and divorce him. And did not care about the Bahai organization. She wanted to destroy also Manucher.
I do not know why. May be as he was nice to her and helped her so much and she could not do the same thing, she wanted to destroy him and be happy. At the end she divorced him and took half of his wealth. Few years he was upset and disappointed, but with the time he gets better. The young people also left one by one the woman and at the end she was also alone. Now she was close to fifty and the young people run away from her, even her gifts and the payment of food and restaurant and hotel could not keep the boys. They took her money and gifts and married young girls. After that one day Manucher told me. I was very stupid and wanted to kill myself for a cheap woman. He had a good life now and he was trying to marry a non American wife. But the first wife was in a very bad condition, Manucher had some friends around him, also girls but the woman was completely alone. Now she was fatter and uglier and mentally she was destroyed as she sees the boys who were with her, now they are with young beautiful girls. They used her money and her sexual organ without any love and now they have love and sex together and with her they just had sex, as their body needed without any compassion or love.

Manucher told me American can be very cruel, this woman destroyed his life and another company did the same. She took half of his wealth and I paid over fifteen years her total cost. The company told me that they can get cheap loan for me and as I am foreign they can even find for me free loan. From the federal government. They called their company ground conference and they invited me few times and each time some people stand up and give a lecture that they got rich through the ground conference; and the company had helped them to get loan without interest. So after so many lies, they charge Manucher two thousand dollars and gave him some books, but there were no cheap loan at all. They gave some telephone numbers and after a while they do not even answer the people. I said you are not the only one, they charge me also thousand dollars, and they did not do anything. Well come to USA. I rented my house, the people destroyed it and did not pay the rent and took also the materials from my house, now the police do not act properly and they are indifferent, the insurance company does not pay and they all robbed me. I have to pay taxes and insurance, but in the time I need they do not help. Well come to American the land of freedom, the thieves are free to rob and nobody care about them. I wished we could work in Iran and Iran does not send us so easily out. So we should come here to work and be robbed. After thirty years hard work all my capital have been taken and I do not have any penny. The people do not like us and when they come to us is for sex or business. They do not like our culture and just they are polite to us. And here we cannot do anything as the lawyers are very expensive and these attorneys want a lot of money in front to do something. The system does not take us seriously and ignore us also. They look to us as physical workers. They do not respect our degrees and our experience. They are proud and selfish. But not all of them. I hope the Love and Unity will govern here, too and as Jesus told Love each other as I loved you, regardless to nationality, races and background. Again well come to American and be very careful

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