Why we should not live in an advanced country? Like USA or even better

Should we always fight with each other and get more and more victims?

Can we have an advanced country? Why we should not solve our problems in a good way and why we should with each other for solving the problems?

In the USA many people with different races and different cultures, different religions, from Europe, from Middle East, from Japan, Asia, Africa, with Islamic faith, Bahai faith, without religion, any other school, from radical to moderate they all live together in peace. The homosexual people live with peace and unity. They do not fight with each other, a girl with a little bit clothes which shows her breast and you can see also the line of her femininely lines up and down nice signs of a female, the nipple of her breast show through the light clothes this type of girl is walking with an Islamic girl fully covered and you can see barely her eyes. They walk together and speak together.

But in the Middle East there is not this type of tolerance. Every body should obey a person and what every he says the people should act without asking. All people who have a little bit power are dictators. They want that other people listen to them and respect them enormously. They want total obedience and total power, they do not want to share or to consult a matter with some one; they think that they are next to God or the God. Even they cannot tolerate the moderate people, the people who do not care and they are not against them, but they have different idea. They are sort of neutral and the dictators even do not tolerate them. They are not only against their mind, but they want also physically destroy the person who has other idea. They want to kill the person who does not have the same idea as they have.

Even the Middle Eastern people who live for a long time in Europe or America do not have the same concept. They do not tolerate other idea easily. Some of them even try to say bad words and do bad things until the man gives up his idea or run away from their society. Sorrowfully some of these people have also PhD and cannot accept or tolerate other idea. They did not learn even in USA that they should respect other idea, religions, nationalities or cultures. They think they are the only one who has right and can think the best of all people. So like a blind dictator who cannot understand that he is not a superman. He is blind and cannot see other people idea and cannot listen to other arguments and the way of life and the different way of thinking. They think they can understand and think or write properly.

Few years ago, a man who just finished the elementary school and has gone to the bazaar and was a sort of merchant, was teasing a university professor in a gathering that the word he said is funny and wrong, the professor does not know enough Persian and is like an analphabet person. And he made fun about the professor. The professor has no other choice to bring a dictionary and show the people the right word. And proved that he was right and the man who finished just elementary school is wrong. The other man gets very upset and very angry and told him, what you did was not right; you destroy my respect in a society. He could not even understand that was he who brought the professor in a bad condition and make fun of him, that he does not know even a Persian word properly. You said that he has not enough knowledge and how can he lecture at the university. You laugh at him and he has to defend himself. Especially as you were totally wrong and he was right.

Now you judge even the little dictator is not willing to accept that he did mistake and accept the documents that the professor offered. He still wanted to show that he has right any how. Sorrowfully these type of people who do not want to correct even their mistake and will stay proudly with their own mistake as a facts are very weak people, and a nation has these types of people who do not want to learn even by documents, they will be very backward. They never learn and they stay always in their ignorance. Or the one who said the new knowledge is useless and to learn new science like Physic, Chemise, and Economy… Is for the donkeys and stupid people. They want to show that without learning they know everything. The God teach them. Or in the time the Mohammad there were no science so we do not need science. We do not need modern science. The Quran is enough for us. Tear and burn all other books, keep only Quran. As in the past as the Arab came to the library of Jondi Shapour University, they found a lot of nice books. The Omar, the Kalif of Moslem told them, it these books are the same as Quran, we do not need them, burn them and if they are more or against Quran, also burn them as we cannot accept a book which is different than Quran.

That is the dictator; he cannot see other idea and other people minds. Even Hitler burned the books that he does not like. But sorrowfully the people who run the whole world will these types of people in the leadership position, so they can keep the people ignored and stupid and the system of the world can control them easier. So they can rob their natural sources cheaper and easier.

Even the nice and good people, but proud and without knowledge of politics or economies should not be in the top of government of any country, as they will destroy that country. So around them instead a bunch of experts, are a bunch of people who can kiss the feet and hands of dictators and say to him that he is like God. These people are around him, to have illegal money, they are corrupted persons and with corrupted materials and action. Around the dictator is not a science person, or even good hearted men. . So it is clear that the nation is going backward. The Nasreddin Shah, a Persian Gharry king had eight beautiful wives. So he was in the trap of sex and the beauty of his wives. He could have barely time to think and do something for his people. Even to have one wife takes a lot of time, just imagine eight women, all beautiful around you as a man, I think the man cannot even see and think or listen.

Around him there were people who just admire him that he is the shadow of God. The people influence him that he is different than other people, he is huge and king and not a normal person. He is like God and a superman. These stupid people bring stupidity in the king and he believes that he is better than other people and he is more important than any body else. So the people make him creasy and he even start to kill the good people who were not so Hippocrates. He ordered to be killed his brother in law who was his prime minister and was the husband of his sister. The Grand Amir or Amir Kabir, who was killed in the bath in fin of Kashan by cutting his veins, so all his blood should flow out until he dies. A cruel death. He was a very good man, but he killed also other science personality. As I said, by killing order, you will be killed also. Even Nasereddin Shah also has been killed. By a man who was very angry, and told I cannot have even one wife, and he has eighty wives. So he shoot a bullet in his black heart and the bad king was dead.

In our country, we are about eleven closed nations, they speak eleven different languages, so we can be united as in USA may be hundred different languages are spoken and the people are much more different than we are , if they can be a nation, why we should not be a nation.

We are much closer to each other in compare to the US people; we have the same history, the same culture and the same past. The same religions and our connection are much deeper than the people in USA. In reality our country is divided artificially by the great powers. The Kurds are divided in four or five countries, so the Baluches , Lors, Turks, Parses, Pashtons and…they are close with each other and they are the same family, but living in different countries. Even the Armani’s people are relative to Parses. Why we should not be a big country and live like brothers and sisters again together. Is our culture less than USA people? Are the European or American cultures much higher than our cultures? Did the European or American had in the past or even now people like Khayaam, Sadi, Hafez, Molavi, Nezami, Attar, Poor Sina, Farabi, Bironie, Manucheri, Ferdowsi, Daghighie, Barbed, Nakisa, Ramtin, Baba Taher…and a lot of other huge thinker and philosophers. And all these people are for all of us, for the big Khorasan, Aryana, Iran, and other countries which were in the past just one country. Our country is divided by foreign powers, as they wanted us always divided and weak. So we should work for the unity of our country again. If the Shah and Dr. Mosadegh cooperated, we have a more powerful country. If the Shah did cooperate with Khomeini as he did with Borojerdi and let the left and right and religious people also take part in the government, we had a stronger country than we have now.

Do you think also if the Shah has given part to most group of people such as Mojahedin, Fadaiyan, Todeh, Milliyon, left, right, religious people, and visited Talaghanie, Montazeri and divided power between them and he just supervise them, was not better? But he did not do that, he just gave the power to the people who were close to him and did not say the right things to him, so he was isolated. If he did that we did not have so many wars and killing and misusing. If every body feels responsibilities and had chance to work, we did not have so may addicted, so many people have not been needed to be killed or destroyed or go to other countries. The young people needed work, universities, technical schools, and house and marriage possibilities.

If the Shah instead of trail of the left power would have spoken to them like a father to their children, why they were going to the left camp, why they have sympathy to the left, may be they would have even changed their way and flowed the Shah way. Or it he sent a group of his people for investigation why these young people have been attracted to the left camp; would it not be more useful for him and for the people? Why in the advanced countries everything can be discussed and solved, but in our country the people are killed if they have even a questions. Why our leader are so keen for money and power, and why they do not want to be the servant of the people and not the master who cannot even listen any opposition words. Who cannot tolerate any other thinking? Why he does not think, that the life is so short and he will not stay for ever as the people before him did not stay and live for ever, too. Why he does not try to be nice and like a father to forgive his children and help them?

It is clear to have wealth and a lot money is good and bring comfort and a nice life, but if this money has earned from bad way, the people will hate you and you cannot use the money for your comfort. You cannot eat more than a normal person and you cannot have sex than a normal person, so the rest of your money if it is a huge amount should be used to build hospital, university, factories, school and other humanity pointed goal, such as house for the children who have no parent and are poor. So your name on the top of this organization will be for ever. So you have a nice life now and a good name later. But storing this money in foreign banks will have no benefit for you and your family. With any little excuse the bank will block the money and you have no access to that money. And if the money is stolen and have been earned from illegal way, it will be kept for ever any how.

If you have money, you can have a nice life, a beautiful woman, beautiful children and a nice environment also. But if these money earned by selling drugs and illegal materials or is stolen from the government or private people; it will bring danger to you family and you. The people who are cheated will be always against you. And these monies bring disaster to your family and you. Look what has happened to Sadam. Could he use all his twelve palaces in Iraq, could he use all the money he deposited in foreign bank? Could he take one of them even one gold coin with him to the grave? He brought disaster for himself and his family. Do they pure gold dirt or gold coins on the top of his coffin? Did they put diamonds, or pearl in his coffin? They purred the earth dirt on his body. If our country was an advanced country, our Azerbaijan would come back to us again, Afghanistan, Tajikistan would come back to the Mom again, but as we do not have an advanced country, they stay away from the Mom, the great Iran. Our brothers, the Turk, Uzbek, and others stay away from us. Why? Did the East Germany not come back to the Mom? Yes it did, but our parts did not come back. Because we are not advanced and we do not have democracy. We are governing by people who thing they are best and could not tolerate other ideas. Because some people will have everything and they do not care about other people. They want to have the whole land and the whole money for themselves only. They do not want to share and have a little portion for themselves; they want the whole part and all parts and everything, as they think they are connected with the God. So for this reason we are separated and we are weak and fight with each other. If we were united, our children and we could live in a much better situation. And the whole world would respect us. We were respected like USA or European Union.

But now one dictator will change other dictator and the new dictators are hungry for power and money. They fight to have power to have money and power. They fight and push the people fight with each other to have a good place for themselves and rob the country. If one dictator wins, will kill the other dictators and will kill his family and flowers also. They do not think about science and people they want power and money. The dictator is willing to kill people to have been for few months in the top of power. If the dictators forget their selfishness and work for the people, they will be beloved. If they work with other dictators and work for the people they will be in a good path. (Because many people say, in the third world the people generally love dictators, but national dictators who will work mostly for the people. So for this reason, even if a dictator changes to be nice and human, he can stay on the top for some times. ) But if the dictator are cruel and selfish or stupid, they will destroy themselves and the people together. Even a dictator can have bad sides and good sides. As long as his good sides are more, he may be being able to stay longer on the top of government. With cooperation we can have a better life. With love and unity and respect other idea, our ideas will be also respected.

I think that we the third world people can have also a nice and advanced country. If we love the land and the people and concerned about their future; any way the future of our children and us is connected with the future of other people. If the cruelty governs, even we are not safe; no body could be guaranteed to be in a safe position. We should kill our dictatorship moral and attitude and change ourselves to be nice and human and stop corruption and selfishness and stop fighting for more money and power. We should share the power and money with all people and give all people their portion and not to keep everything for ourselves. And stop the war for nothing and start to build the country so we can be soon an advanced country. Forget our personal benefit and be concerned about general benefit for all people. Even the beauty cannot stay for us, they are for our position. So we should not cheat ourselves.

We should live with pure spiritual love and unity. These friends who are for money and power around us, are not good and they are useless; in the time we lose our money or power, they run away also. So we should not be happy to have false friends around us. I hope for more money and power; we bring disasters to other fathers and mother, but killing their children for our selfishness. The way of govern which is now such as to torch other people and rape them and our robots, the men without feeling, put their sexual hard organ between the legs of innocent young people, and push it in them and destroy them, the boys and girls is a huge sin and a very dirty way, this method should be stopped for ever. May soon another creasy people will do the same thing to your own children, which feeling will you have then?

We should respect the girl and the boys who are torched in this way and should be quit with their hands be fixed together and have a hard sexual organ of a man in their body. They are more than angels. Did you put yourself in their position? Or did you put yourself in the position of their fathers or mothers?

I do not know why the real clergy Ayatollahs who really believe in pure Islam as a good religion for science and unity and brotherhood, why are they quite? And why they do not support their religion, as any bad action harm their religion and their position in the future. I hope all real human Ayatollahs will merge and will work for an advanced country with Love and Unity and Science and Respect. Friendship and equality. Without corruption and selfishness.

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