How to Arm Iranians in Iran?

I was wondering now that the new president of the USA has changed from G.W.Bush to a COWARD black man , we some times regret that Bush is not in power any more as his ideals and ways of dealing with regimes such as the Blood Sucker Cannibal Islamic Regime in Iran was the ONLY way a supper power should have dealt with, Bushe’s war on Saddam was a miracle for the region and if Saddam had continued his power in Iraq we may have had more troubles with him for sure ; Millions of people from both sides were killed for NOTHING , i mean they were mainly killed because to defend their country and help this Islamic regime to stay longer in power and suck our blood in all areas more ; Iraq war was however imposed by Saddam who thought he could occupy south of Iran rich in OiL , the Shiite (shit ) Islmic regime had become a treat for his hold to power as Iraq has i guess more Shiits sympathisers to Iranian Shiits . And the war was a GOD sent Miracle for the regime to remain in power longer and through Martyrdom made of the innocent blood of the Iranian who died to protect their country and the INTEREST of these fucking Ayatollahs ; these Ayatollahs used the CULT OF MARTYRDOM to manipulate the public and use that as an excuse to stay in power as you would see in some YOUTUBE video conversation with the BASIJ idiots they were saying that they would do anything to keep this regime alive because of those Martyrs being killed in the war and gave their blood to protect Islam ( to protect Islam and/or Iran ! ) , so the nature of the character of these people would show that they would not give up their gripe to power unless with a bloody battle of guns .

Now that there is a coward USA president in White house , for sure Iranian may never have any help from any out side forces , due to these facts we must suggest and find ways to create an army of fighters in and out side of Iran to get ready to fight the Revolutionary guard and the Baji and as well recruite members from with in those same soldiers of this regime . All doors seems closing and it seems the regime is taking all the precautionary measures against any eventuell fall down of it’s Dictatorship reine . Iranian people in Iran are hopless and unarmed , unorganized , there only remains a crooked past president Moussavi ! ……… What should be done ?

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