Islam; Chapter 7 bankruptcy. IRI in chapter 11

It took 1400 years but it happened thanks to Khomeini and IRI.  Islam was finally fully exposed for what it is.  A religion in chapter 7; bankrupt because its teachings do not have any place in 21st century.  Not socially, not politically and not morally.

The IRI, a dictatorial regime whose government is based on laws and teachings of Islam is also on its way to chapter 7 but for now, it is like a company in chapter 11, ready for its assets to be auction off for a penny on a dollar.  Unlike GM which came out of chapter 11 due to U.S. government help, IRI does not have anyone to give it any loans. No one.  Not even the Chinese nor the Russians who would sell their own mother for $$ (I am talking about governments not people),

Unlike GM which had a whole bunch of people pulling for it to succeed, the IRI has 50 million Iranians and 5 billion people worldwide who want it to fail.  And fail it will. Tomorrow, NO!  Next month? NO!  But talk to me in 2010 around this time.  I maybe posting my blog from IRAN (NOT IRI) then.

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