Subject: Protest by delegations of democratic countries against Human Rights Violations in Iran at the UN General Annual Assembly

We, the pro-democracy people of the world, who are deeply concerned about human rights violations in Iran, respectfully request that the delegations of democratic and peace loving counties to the United Nations General Assembly in New York refuses to acknowledge Mr. Mahmood Ahmadinejad as Iran’s legitimate President.

We ask that you refuse to listen to his address to the General Assembly and walk out in protest against the widespread human and civil rights abuses perpetrated by Ahmadinejad’s regime (well documented by international non-government human rights organizations). These abuses are contrary to claims that Iran is a democracy, and its obligations under The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

We ask that the September UN meeting walk-out be specifically in protest of the regime’s brutal crackdown on peaceful political opposition inside Iran. This suppression has included the torture, rape and killing of not only prisoners of conscience but also prisoners who took part in peaceful demonstrations and even pedestrians caught in between. They were held in arbitrary detention, without access to lawyers and in grave conditions.

 Ahmadinejad’s regime must recognize that the rest of the world strongly disapproves of its behavior towards its own people and that the world will continue to monitor and protest until all human rights abuses cease. We ask you to clearly and diplomatically state you opposition to Ahmadinejad’s treatment of the Iranian people, including the action to walk out in protest upon the commencement of Mr Ahmadinejad’s address, should this take place, to the September UN General Assembly.

Respectfully yours,



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