HISTORY OF VIOLENCE:US Shoots Down Civilian Iran Air Flight 655 (1988)

The US has admitted the USS Vincennes was at fault in shooting down the Iran Air airbus and were mistaken in thinking it was a fighter aircraft about to attack them. Iran Air Flight 655, also known as IR655, was a civilian airliner shot down by the United States Navy on Sunday 3 July 1988, over the Strait of Hormuz.


USA AIRV Pentagon ) Washington ) ) GULF AIRV SIDE USS Vincennes ) AIRV USS Vincennes ) ) AIRV Body floating in sea ) AIRV Ditto another ) ) INT ) On Board CMS SIDE face of man in control room with ) Vincennes mouthpiece PAN R-L another ditto ) CMS Another ditto ) CBV Another operator sitting looking at ) LIB MATERIAL radar controls and small screen ) HELD IN W’TON MS Men looking at map on table in control ) room ) ) 3.7.88 ) USA CMS ADMIRAL WILLIAM CROWE PKF SOF ) Washington (Aircraft approached at high speed) ) “The aircraft — high speed” ) ) LMS Crowe speaking at podium as press in BV) ) GULF BV SIDE men seated at screens and controls) On Board and wearing headphones ) Vincennes CMS Finger pressing numbers ) CMS Technical information on screen ) GRAPHIC Airbus sending signals to warship GULF CMS Capt William Rogers speaking to press ) On Board BV Press as Rogers talking ) LIB MATERIAL Vincennes ) HELD IN W’TON MS Two missiles lined up ready to fire ) MS Missile fired from warship ) INT USA CMS ADMIRAL WILLIAM CROWE PKF SOF Washington (Vincennes crew did what they thought was right/ accident a product of the Iran/Iraq war) “I believe that — MS Crowe speaking at podium, man beside him CMS Crowe — crew of the Vincennes” CMS MOHAMMED MAHALLATI (Iranian UN Ambassador) INTVW SOF (Wants formal apology for a grave crime) “A formal apology — grave crime” EXT CMS Investigation Report held in hand PAN L-R to KEN REES I/C SOF + sign off

Date: 19/08/1988

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