I wish

I wish we wouldn’t have a comment section.

I wish we could only blog twice a day with no comment on our blogs.

Twice a day, is enough for everybody who has something to say, don’t you think so?

Anybody who wish having their view commented by others, would ask people to go to a chat room and talk all they want.

I wish I wouldn’t see so much hate, so much insult and so much accusation.

It makes every communication almost impossible.

People are members here since too long now, every body has a history with everybody or almost.

They don’t want to give up.

I’m sad to see people killing each other’s characters.

I regret it, if I had to go trough this too.

I wish I could walk from page to page and breathe a fresh air, not a poisonous air of hate.

I don’t like what I see here………and I can do nothing to stop it.

I don’t like when I see people insulting other people.

I don’t like to see the gang here.

I don’t like to see people are ganging up against one person.

I don’t like to see people try to revenge the past hurts.

I feel tired, disgusted and I feel weakened by all these forces of hate which have filled all these page.

I wish nobody could leave a comment anymore.


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