September 26 Music Festival: Make yourselves known!

Dear Friends:

This is a quick note to let you know that to fix a shortcoming from the last Music Festival, there will be a table set up for contributors and users at the September 26th event in San Francisco. At that table you can pick up a name tag and stay around to meet other site contributors and users if you so wish.

While music events are mostly about coming to enjoy great music by excellent performers, let’s not miss the opportunity to meet each other in a “non-virtual” state! Please come to what promises to be an unprecedented musical event in the Bay Area and make yourselves known!

Volunteer users and contributors such as Faranak Ravon,  Monda, Sima, Foaad Khosmood (admin), Bayramali, Ala Hazrat Hajagha, Ari Siletz and myself will be around to meet and greet you! See you at the event!

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