Shohreh Aghdashloo on Religious Freedom

I wanted to share this video on While the 9/12 Iran Event was meant to raise awareness for the Baha’i persecutions in Iran, it really speaks to the human and civil rights of all Iranians — Muslims, agnostics, Zoroastrians, Jews, Christians, atheists, women, children, free-thinkers, Kurds, Azeris, etc.

I remember that Nelson Mandela once stated, to paraphrase, that you can judge the leadership of a country and the rights it provides its citizens by the way it treats its minorities. I think this was also reflected in Hamid Dabashi’s recent CNN article where he states “When Baha’is are free, then Iranians will be.”

In Aghdashloo’s words, “I am a Jew. I am a Buddhist. I am a Christian. I am a Muslim. I am a Bahai”.

In this brief video, Ms. Aghdashloo also does a short reading from a film-script on 22 women in Shiraz and the life of Mona, the 16 year old, who was hung in 1983 for refusal to deny her beliefs.

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