U.S. must cut off Israel

The article “Premier blasts U.N. report” (Sept.18) describes criticisms
made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of a recent United Nations report that accused Israel of committing war crimes in its Gaza
war this year. Mr. Netanyahu’s remarks lack credibility for several
reasons. First, the author of the report, Richard Goldstone, is a
fervent, pro-Israel Zionist, not exactly an anti-semite.

Second, the entire world, except for the Israeli controlled U.S. Congress,
has likewise comdemned Israel for its numerous war crimes committed
against Palestinian civilians in Gaza, including dropping deadly white
phosphorus bombs on crowded Gazan neighborhoods.

The U.S. must cut off all aid to Israel — financial, military and
political — while ending our dangerous and expensive alliance with
them. It is obvious that Israeli leade… >>>

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