Taking a look at ourselves

Once in a while go back and read your comments. Aren’t you concerned that your anger and finger pointing and sarcasm clearly show through?

I am just one reader. But I can assure you that anyone who reads anything, whether it’s your comments, articles, books, whatever, can get a sense of what type of writer they’re dealing with as a person. And many of you — many of us — come off as Angry people — with a capital A. There are a million reasons why we harbor this anger. But I just want to remind you that angry people a) don’t have an audience, b) have no friends.

Who wants to sit and watch someone shouting and cursing? It might be funny, curious or interesting to observe a fight but there’s so much an average person can take. There’s nothing gained. Zanandas. Do you care?

Instead of reading ugly outbursts where nothing is learned, your audience will move on to other things that give positive energy. That makes them smile. That makes them think.

So again, read your own comments. Look in the mirror once a while. That’s what the world sees. Are you happy with it?

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