Did Imam Hossein die in Karbala or because of an Opium overdose?

I do not have an issues with anyone questioning the Holocaust. I don’t have any issues with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a person questioning or denying the Holocaust.

I do have issues with the following however:

1)  As a Head of State, Ahmadinejad does not have a right to speak for 70 million Iranians on an issue which does not have any bearing on well being of the Nation. Although perhaps 20 or 30 million Iranians may share Ahmadinejad’s view, 40 to 50 million don’t.  

2) What would happen to someone if s/he questions any of the following publically:

a.  Station of Mohammad (SAV) ….. for example, one could say Mohammad was a figure like Genghis Khan (and not a prophet) initially but then someone suggested to him to explore the religious angel because its more profitable and the rest is history) 

b.  Sacredness of the the Quran (0ne can say Quran was written by a paid ghost writer several hundred years after Mohammad; filled with laws to oppress and stories made up by people who wanted to create legitimacy for him) 

c.   Existence of the 12th Imam  (suppose Israel starts a massive campaign debunking the whole idea of the 12th Imam)

d.  Manner in which Imam Hossein died? 

We remember what happened with Salman Rushdi and more recently with Theo Van Gogh who was killed because of making the movie Submission.  Or how about the cartoons that caused protests all over Europe? 

In some cases, the best defense is offense.  Maybe the Jews instead of defending the Holocaust as something that really happened should start questioning some of things the Shia’s have been selling as reality?  

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