EMINENT PERSIANS: Poetess Parvin E’tesami Greets Iran’s Crown Prince at Library (1940’s)

Iranian Poetess Parvin E’tesami ( Woman on Right) and the Crown Prince of Iran, Mohamed Reza Pahlavi ( Not yet Shah of Iran) at the Danesh Saray Ali Library in Tabriz, Iran. (circa ~1940) 

In her short life, Parvin E’tesami (March 16, 1907April 5, 1941),   managed to achieve great fame amongst Iranians. Parvin’s poetry follows the classical Persian tradition its form and substance. She remained unaffected or perhaps ignored the modernistic trends in Persian poetry. In the arrangement of her poetry book, there are approximately 42 untitled Qasidas (a form of Persian poetry) and Qet’as (another form of Persian poetry). These works follower a didactic and philosophical styles of Sanai and Naser Khusraw. Several other Qadidas, particularly in the description of nature show influences from the poet Manuchehri. There are also some Ghazals in her Diwan.

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