One nation under God?

For years we have been observing and hearing “why the Iranian population outside of the borders of Iran is not leading away”. I think we as a nation and us as 4 million displaced Iranians outside of Iran have finally come to realization that leadership is inside the borders. The Iranian media outside the country including the Satellite TV’s and popular newspapers have indicated to us that even foreign governments would come to them and ask the question who is the leadership in this awakening? If they could not come up with a final answer, they are not to blame it is because they could not see such leadership outside to point to. Yet they were faced with the dilemma of who they should be pointing to as a leadership figure. Everyone was playing their own specific tunes and no one could represent the nation as a whole.

Well, the outcome of the recent movements inside of the Iran, after the 2009 presidential elections, has answered this question and an awakening has come about. The young people inside the borders are the leadership; we watch and listen to them. We have realized they are the ones in the front lines of everyday life challenges within the country and they are the ones that can eventually solve and direct us to a peaceful solution. We have realized that since we are not there we could only support the real-deal and the young generation is gradually bringing out the shortcomings of the system and is trying by any means possible to resolve and bring a resolution that makes everyday life of people bit by bit more comfortable.

Despite the various and random political views that most of us as Iranians follow; in times of suffering, underdevelopment and immediate need we pull everything together and bring about a single voice. If you have noticed the internal movements in Iran have absolutely no-central dictating entity, yet they move as a whole consistently without loosing focus. It is sad and a shame that we have lost some lives in the process of such movements and we hope this never repeats itself. We should learn that this is serious and it carries both physical and financial consequences. The physical consequences have come in the form of lose of life and all the other dilemmas as the internal newspapers have been reporting for months now. Can it be eliminated, I think not, but it can be minimized as people unite more together and peacefully express their national concerns.  

Financially, it has forced us into a corner where we don’t know and can not determine if we are gaining or loosing national interests. For example we are not sure what to think of the current nuclear hypes and does it really hurt the nation’s nuclear power agenda’s. We don’t know if more sanctions will be put on Iran or not. We question that action knowing that thus far there has not been a country under sanctions that has changed it’s governmental agendas because of any placed sanctions.

Interestingly enough my personal view is that like many other challenges that we face and were solved by the young leadership inside, this would be solved by them as well. We can only provide informational and factual support to them as 4 million outsiders since we live in other countries. We can provide them with facts about what economic agenda’s these countries we live in have about the Iran’s nuclear power.  

Can Iran — if it becomes self sufficient in generating nuclear power — produce bi-products that can help the region? Can this powe-development be put into good use not only for Iran but the region as a result?

In the previous regime, in shah’s time, Iran was allowed to become a military power only after it proved to the western world that it could bring stability and security into the gulf region. Could that approach be used in nuclear power development strategy of Iran that the world, specifically US and Europe would see long term benefits rather than harm in it. Can one day the national interest of Iran become mutually of interest to the region and to the world. Looking back for an example, the economic developments of Japan was embraced by the world and even by the competition in the west, as they realized technology development in Japan is helping the underdeveloped countries. Why can’t Iran take that approach?

Are we finally one nation under God?

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