Re-visiting the Past: Colonel Tehrani! A master of Torture

Just days after the sudden take over of our country by the Beasts of Islam, leaded by Khomaynni and his followers, i was walking on the streets which were full of ordinary people, we had never witnessed such a situation in our lives before, i mean the revolution and the Chaos of people taking over the Military compounds in every corner of the streets of Tehran and running away with a G3 which is similar to M16 an army weaponry used by soldiers, people were running away from the captured military compounds with all these ceased weapons some people would jokingly say some had taken home a Missile as well!

On the next day of my solitary wonderer walking on the streets of Tehran for which i have forgotten the street’s name now, i encountered by chance a huge crowd of people who were gathering around a big house, out of wonder i dwelt as well into that big house, smell of DEATH and Blood was every where in the air, every corner there were small rooms, peeping into one of the rooms i could see strange machines or empty rooms with a bath! inside it, in my surprise of this strange place some one said this was the house of Colonel Tehrani!… who was Colonel TEHRANI then i asked!?

Finally some one said he was the Torturer of SAVAK ! drawing the conclusions one would be horrified to know that this very house was the place were these beasts tortured political prisoners to keep Shah of Iran safe on his Throne! in one room i saw a dirty Bath which was similar to those bath we use at our home to take a shower, i asked some one what was this used for!?

He said this is CALLED ACID BATH! supposedly the poor prisoners were thrown inside these baths which were full of Acid, one can imagine what would happen once they throw your flesh inside acid! i assume your body would evaporate, and probably nothing would remain of you afterwards, total extinction!

In another room, i saw a very funny chair, in the middle of this simple metallic chair there was an empty circular shape which was cut out from the metallic seat! well i found out from some one they would use it to torture as well by hanging some heavy weights to the Balls of the male prisoners!

Third room contained a kind of machine! once more i asked them what is this for they said (the machine which was not there any more at the time) was used to pull the nails or fingers of the Political prisoners!

Going down to the basement of this hunted Dracula house we could see small cells, like a solitary confinements used to jail the prisoners in these dog houses with those vertical bars, you would never forget these images for the rest of your life, and the question of how cruel man kind could have become in order to hold to power and their greed for the wealth of a nation

(mainly Oil and Gas) and have no respect for the rest of the people, considering people unworthy of any kind of freedom and a happy life and not sharing the wealth of the nation with the rest of the people. [I guess Colonel Tehrani is enjoying a happy life some where in USA maybe; and even protected by the US government]

How Ironic, how strange i would feel NOW, that this Islamic regime who has come to power is EXACTLY USING not only these same animal manners with Iranians but even worst than that previous regime! How strange all this looks to one’s mind, all those people died to better our country, even Shah of Iran left Iran himself and did not try to murder further Iranian, however this regime with total shamelessness and any Morality of any kind stands in power and HAS KILLED, TORTURED, HANGED,RAPED, SODOMIZED, hundreds of thousands that in numerical is = 100,000. and maybe 200,000. could it be more?I do not know [ALL WITH THE PERMISSION OF THEIR FUCKED UP ISLAMIC ALLAH].

How many of our country men have been murdered by these Muslim Beasts? If any one know the exact number please tell us.

Will the same thing repeat itself in Iran again, and again, will we have another fascist regime on power?

When this vicious circle of the repetition of the same things happening would STOP once for all in Iran.

I hope Iran stops being DOOMED to repeat the same historical mistakes all over again and again.

How to stop these vicious circles from happening? That would need your offered arguments~

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