Why comments go missing on this site!!??

Why comments go missing on this site?? Perhaps, just because this is an Iranian site and inevitably we have to do the things in a different way to show that we are IRANIAN!! In my opinion this site has provided all of us with the unique  and precious opportunity of having a platform to express our ideas and let our voices be heard by our compatriots and the rest of the world. We are a nation with great and unique capacities in different fields; and of course, on the other hand, we are a nation with great and exclusive flaws in our personalities.

In this crucial period we are in need of creating the new thoughts which can help us to get to a level and close political cohesion; and in this way we have to be meticulously exact  with our use of our means. Therein, this small window(Iranian.com), opened to the heart of  the world, is one of the our significant means which should be used appropriately. There are a remarkable number of highly informed and knowledgeable people over here, and the current communications between them are mostly resultful and effective in gaining  the right momentum and moving towards formation and cohesion.


It is obvious that the spirit of tolerance is the main attribute within the personality of any thoughtful and reasonable person; as it is the nature of thought and philosophy  that are created just in an atmosphere of forbearance and equanimity. But unfortunately we are not going to accept this attitude and consequently get the most out  of our reflections upon our vital problems. The deletion of comments is  clearly described and defined  within the related moral considerations in these sort of communications; but deleting a comment that  has a smack of criticism and somewhat adverse to our views, is just a proof to our weakness. I appreciate the confirmatory  and admiring comments, but I love the comments that criticize me, as they are really guiding and corrective.

A while ago I heard from different people on this site about their comments going missing without any acceptable reason; and it happened to myself a few days ago and one of my completely polite and rational comments went missing! Why?? Are not we here to practise the open and democratic ways of approaching the freedom and in particular, the freedom of speech? Are not we trying to help our country in achieving its democratic goals?Why crticism is considered as ‘SPAM’ in our minds? Surely, we can not be any better than Mullahs for our people, if we keep facing with each other’s views in this manner.

To the management of this precious site, I  should say no comments should be deleted out of the clearly defined  related have tos and do not have tos.

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