Iranians have it far worse than Palestinians

After the Iranian people uprising against the regime in June, the regime is hard at work perpetuating anti Israeli propaganda. Anti Semitism has been a survival tool for IRI. If we want the Fascist IRI regime to fall from power, we need to take its anti Israeli tool away. Iranians inside of Iran have been realizing that for awhile now. They showed that in the Quds day rally by chanting “Na Gaza, Na Lebanon, Jaanam Fadayeh Iran”.

This is actually in response to couple of comments made by infamous IRI supporters on this site, namely Shah Gholam and capt ayhab. I thought I could make a blog out of this.

Simple logic would tell you how Iranians got it far worst than Palestinians. Here are 9 reasons:

1- Iranians have no freedom of expressions or press, Palestinians under Israel do. That 1-0 Palestine.

2- Iranians have 0 social freedoms including not having the right to wear whatever the hell they want, Palestinians do. that’s 2-0 Palestine.

3- Iranians have a fundamentalist terrorist regime governing them, Palestinians don’t. that’s 3-0 Palestine.

4- Iranians have their country occupied by a regime that officially declares itself “Islamic” before its “Iranian”, meaning, it is a foreign regime. Palestinians have the same situation. So 1 for each, that’s 4-1Palstine.

5- Palestinian governments, whether Fattah, Hamas or Israel, do not believe in war, only for self defense. IRI believes that Iranians should go to war with the world in order for Imam Mehdi to show up. that’s 5-1 for Palestine.

6- What Israel killed in these 60 years IRI has done in 1 shot, killing opposition members in the beginning of the revolution. I was witness to that. that’s 6-1 Palestine.

7- What Israel does in bugging Palestinians in their homes mostly for political purposes looking for Palestinian fighters, IRI does in way bigger scale to Iranians, including, in their weddings, parties, and even funerals. That’s 7-1 Palestine.

8- Israel is not only not demolishing the Arab race, as matter of fact, Arabs will take over Jews in Israel itself in the near feature. IRI has done ethnic cleansing against Kurds and Balouchs. That’s 8-1 Palestine.

9- Palestinians have all the right, whether inside or outside Israel, to express and bash Israel and voice their opinion about the matter . Iranians in IRAN, not Israel or Palestine, don’t have that right!! They have to follow IRIs official ideology! Isn’t that sad? That’s 9-1 Palestine.

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