September 26: A starlit night

The stage was set for an unforgettable performance. They came by planes with suitcases full of instruments and costumes, CD’s and books. In the frenzy of last minute details and all that it takes to put stars on a stage, there were moments when friendships were made and renewed and pure joy was born.

The September 26th Music Festival was a fantastic success for the breadth of music and performances it offered the San Francisco Bay Area [see photos]. Angels sang and masters and promising artists played. Those who came enjoyed themselves immensely and they will tell those who didn’t to eat their hearts out! Stressed out and quiet as usual, the star maker ran around and worked hard to please all. He deserves a vacation just for this! It was a pleasure to be one of the many volunteers who all worked hard on the event, publicizing for it, transporting guests, helping put costumes and microphones on the performers, feeding them, and helping them feel at home. Many thanks to our team of volunteers, Faranak, Monda, Shadi, Ardi, Zahra, Foaad, Payam, Leva, Vahid, Mehran, Hadi, Ehsan, Ari, Mahdiyeh, Hamidreza, Reza, and Ehsan.

Thanks specially to fellow readers and contributors who took short and long trips to come and be with us. Thank you to Mahdiyeh Javid and Laleh Gilani for travelling the longest way to be there, MPD, Anahid Hojjati, Sima, Monda, Ari Siletz, Ala Hazrat Hajiagha, Bayramali, and any others who came but did not make themselves known.

It was a very special night and we missed all those who couldn’t make it. Photos will be forthcoming.
[see photos]

Photo by (of) Faranak Ravon

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