Ahmadinejad: Why Focus On The Holocaust?

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called on the US media to shift their focus away from the Holocaust into other massacres that have taken place in the world. “There are many historical events, similar historical events. Why is this one in particular so important to you?… During World War II, 60 million people were killed. Why are we just focusing on this special group alone?” Ahmadinejad asked in an interview with CBS. When the CBS reporter answered that all the attention that is being paid to the matter is because he was ‘denying it’, Ahmadinejad responded by saying that he was ’sorry for all the 60 million people that lost their lives, equally’. “All of them were human beings. And it doesn’t matter whether they were Christians or Jews or Buddhists or Muslims. They were killed. So, we’re sorry for everyone,” said Ahmadinejad. In another interview with American paper the Washington Post, Ahmadinejad asked whether from the point of view of US media the Holocaust was an isolated issue, or one that still affected world affairs. “You do agree that it is an important topic. Do you believe that the Holocaust still carries through to this day in terms of its effects today? Could you explain to me how it affects issues today?” he said. “What I am saying is extremely clear. It is an academic approach to a crucial subject and also one based on humanitarian considerations. We have several specific q… >>>

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