Is Iran Really “Open For Business”? A Litmus Test.

Is Iran really “open for business”, a land of opportunity, and a safe venue for investing (including for international investors)?  Well, there is the old saying that “actions speak louder than words,” and I can find no better litmus test to measure the veracity of these claims, and to report back to the Iranian Diaspora and the world community in general, than to see how the Iranian judicial system and government remedy the ongoing 30 year saga of the now approaching $15 billion illegal confiscation of my family’s assets and belongings.  If there is no equitable remedy, then there is no veracity.  Conversely, an equitable remedy would be both a major publicity coup and a confidence driver for a country seeking to (a) rid itself of a reputation for a lack of respect for private property rights, judicial incompetence and heavy-handedness, and general corruption (b) attract sorely desired investment capital to fund domestic development and to create jobs.

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