Bomb Iran

Before all you shamelessly phony patriots (Islamists, leftists, etc.) get your cheap nickers in a twist and call me a “zionist” spy or a CIA operative, I’m not advocating bombing Iran and its people, but rather, the IRI’s nuclear facilities. Let’s face it, billions of dollars have been spent on these facilities not for the sake of Iran or its people, but rather, to reinforce the terroristic rule of the mullahs.

Nuclear weapons in the hands of the IRI provides absolutely zero benefits for the people of Iran. However, it will provide the mullahs with a much sought after life insurance policy against any and all external threats. We have been taken hostage for 30 years and now our captors are trying to arm themselves with nuclear weapons at our expense. Indeed, this is not about nuclear fuel for civilian purposes. Hardly. This is about nuclear fuel to create an atomic bomb so that the mullahs can stay in power for another 30 years, unfettered and unmolested by any external power, with a free reign to do as they wish (read: chaos) in the Middle East and else where. 

Nuclear weapons in the hands of the mullahs and the Revolutionary Guards is like arming the KKK with nukes — it is a maddening, psychotic idea, which, in the case of the KKK, would only bring harm upon the American people, and in the case of the terroristic IRI, it will only bring Iranians massive foreseable harm and potential destruction. Firstly, the mullahs would be emboldened to carry out dastardly acts across the Middle East with impunity. Second, what’s to stop Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and others in the region from acquiring nuclear weapons?

Do we, as Iranians, want our Arab neighbors, as unstable as their governments are, to be armed with nuclear weapons? Who’s to say that in 20 years some Arab country ruled by a irrational nationalist or a terrorist organization, armed with nukes (in response to Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons), wouldn’t drop a bomb in the middle of Tehran to liquidate all those “heretic” Persians? Do we want to live in a neighborhood that is armed to the teeth with nukes, specially considering the religiously extremist nature of our geographic location?

Nuclear weapons will only strenghten the upper hand of the tyrants raping and murdering us on the streets of Iran. Nuclear weapons will not enrich our lives, will not give us jobs, will not make us more safe (the opposite, in fact), will not bring us democracy, will definitely not give us freedom (the opposite, in fact) — they will only make our ruthless captors that much more shameless and that much stronger.

For these reasons and much more, as a last resort, if negotiations/sanctions fail, Israel must bomb the nuclear facilities in Iran, which are sponsored by the rapists of the IRI and for their betterment. I stand against anything that promotes the survival of our turbaned rulers.

Sure, some people will die in such an attack, but what is the alternative? What if one day the Iranian people rise up againt the IRI and on its last day in power, some lunatic leader like Ahmadinejad launches a nuclear weapon at Israel as its final act (its Final Solution to the Jewish problem in the Middle East)? Is that so implausible, considering the rabid hatred of Israel from some of these Islamic extremists?

And what would happen to Iran? In this scenario, Tehran would be turned into a parking lot, with hundreds of thousands of people dead. In all seriousness, couldn’t you see someone like Ahmadinejad blow up Israel on the IRI’s last day in power, to not only promote the cause of the Palestinians and Islam, but to show the decadent Arabs how much better muslims we Iranians are than them, i.e., “It was we, the Iranians, who destroyed Israel. We’re the real Muslims. We had the balls to do something you Arabs could never dream of.” 

Didn’t the mullahs once try to out-do the Arabs by re-naming the Persian Gulf to the “Islamic Gulf?” I submit to you true mihan-parasts (patriots) that I truly love my country! I love Iran, and would die for her any day! But I hate the mullahs and I hate the IRI with a ferocious passion! They do not represent us — in any way!!! They only represent their own evil interests! We have been taken hostage by our homegrown terrorists, our KKK, for 30 years, and now our captors want to arm themselves with nuclear weapons so that they can terrorize us and our neighborhood for another 30 years and more!  

I do not want these sadistic rapists to become rapists with weapons of mass destruction! That’s why, with great sadness, I must favor an attack on the nuclear facilities in the event that the negotiations/sanctions fail to stop the greatest tragedy of all: a nuclear armed IRI. The alternative is to wake up one day to the dreadful news of Ahmadinejad having his blood-soaked finger on the red button.  On that thought, bomb the damn facilities!

They were not built for us anyway.

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