My inalienable rights

As painful as it has been for most of those who had no choice but to flee Iran, there have been some benefits derived from this ongoing agony of physically living in one place and emotionally in another.

Because majority of fleeing Iranians have taken refuge in free countries they have gotten to experience firsthand that which has long been identified as the missing ingredient for a prosperous Iran, freedom. Countless Iranian advocates of it been tortured, many to death, many others have dedicated their lives to achieving it.

And now with many Iranians living in freedom and like a duck to water, loving it, prospering because of it and many more back in Iran craving it and are willing to risk life and limb to achieve it the idea of using freedom to silence others is doubly repugnant.

With great regrets there are some Iranians who use the freedom in the free societies and try to silence those compatriots that they do not agree with. When one publicly expresses an opinion, being attacked, ridiculed and even cursed are just some of the normal responses, something that comes with the territory, but advocating silencing someone for expressing his/her opinion is contrary to all that which freedom stands for.

As someone who dishes it out as well as takes it, the verbal jousting is as normal as it comes but when it comes to asking for my opinion being quashed, then something is seriously wrong and needs to be confronted. In my recent blogs and particularly the last one where airtight sanctions against the Islamist Rapist Republic in conjunction with material and moral help to Iranian people is being argued to be lesser evil than a hot war to oust the IRR, couple of people have directly and indirectly challenged my right to free speech, and that will not do!

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