Erdogan: Why does West single out Iran

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan says the world powers’ constant focus on Iran’s nuclear program is not fair.

“We don’t want nuclear weapons in this region and this is what we have always called for. We have also voiced this to the Iranian officials and they stress that they don’t have any intention of developing nuclear weapons,” Erdogan told Al -Arabiya satellite channel.

“They the Iranians want to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes because they worry that the traditional energy recourses might not meet their needs in the future,” Turkey’s Yenisafak newspaper quoted Erdogan as saying on Wednesday.

“Besides, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has found no evidence indicating that Iran is developing nuclear weapons,” he added.

“What upsets me is another thing: why those talking about nuclear weapons always pick on Iran? Why don’t they discuss Israel? They only point the finger at Iran and North Korea,” Turkey’s Prime Minister said.

“We call on them to adopt a just behavior. We urge the UN Security Council and especially its five permanent members to take necessary precautions to prevent proliferation of nuclear weapons.”

Most experts estimate that Israel has at least between 100 and 200 nuclear warheads, largely based on information leaked to the Sunday Times newspaper in the 1980s by M… >>>

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