Statement of Reza Pahlavi of Iran in response to the verdicts of the regime’s Halls of Injustice

My fellow countrymen,

Upon receiving the news of the execution verdicts for four of our fellow countrymen who participated in protests against the regime, I am compelled to once more speak out against these crimes and join the citizens of our nation who, for their part, have not accepted and will never accept these transgressions. It is not surprising that the regime has made such drastic decisions. The nature and the conduct of this regime toward the people under its authority has been this brutally inhumane for quite a long time.

We must not allow the regime to easily follow through with these despicable and shameful decisions. In addition to condemning these baseless and appalling verdicts and demanding that they are overturned, I invite all my countrymen to loudly denounce these verdicts and inform the regime and the world community of their disapproval.


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