Britain Attacks Iran!

Britain attacks Iran!

Good God. After the suicide bombing in the Sistan and Baluchestan province that killed a bunch of Revolutionary Guard thugs, you’d think Khamenei and Company could have come up with something better than that.

Sunni problem? We have no Sunni problem. It was those nefarious British, and Americans, up to no good again…  

When it comes to laughable propaganda, the mullahs are going for the gold. Of course the Russians and Chinese are strong contenders, and I still think Iraq is hard to beat for sheer, unbridled stupidity (Remember Bagdad Bob? The Americans will never enter Bagdad! Never! So he says as the tanks roll behind him.), but the mullahs are certainly giving them all a run for their money. Who knows, Ahmadinejad’s there-are-no-gays-in-Iran quip and Holocaust denials might just be enough to put the Iranians over the top.

What a joke. What an embarrassment these fools are.

Iran is a better country than this.

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